Covid Testing Fontana Offers Rapid PCR Testing 7 Days a Week

West Point Medical Center | Urgent Care in Fontana CA


Are you feeling Covid-like symptoms and want to be sure about it? Are you planning to travel and need a negative Covid test? 

Then visit our Covid testing Fontana center for rapid PCR testing, which is open all seven days of the week. You can schedule an appointment at our test center as per your preferred date, time, and location for Covid testing. 

When Should You Undergo Covid Testing?

Covid testing becomes mandatory if you're experiencing symptoms or are about to travel, even if you are fully vaccinated. Some of the most common Covid-19 symptoms include the following:

●  Headache

●  Congestion

●  Fever

●  Shortness of Breath

●  Body Ache

●  Loss of Taste and Smell

●  Running Nose

●  Fatigue

●  Diarrhea

●  Cough

●  Vomiting

●  Sore Throat

Our Covid Testing Fontana center offers rapid PCR testing for people experiencing covid-like symptoms. 

We also offer Serology testing for covid antibodies. This test is mostly undertaken by individuals who had developed Covid in the past but are not experiencing similar symptoms presently. 

Reliable and Quick Covid Testing in Fontana

West Point Medical Center offers telemedicine and drive-up Covid testing in Fontana. If you're experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms or are traveling soon, call us at (909) 355-1296 for a telemedicine consultation and drive-up Covid testing.