Love in IstanbulLove in Istanbul

Love in IstanbulLove in IstanbulLove in Istanbul

After half a ring, Anxin lowered her eyes and said in Yijiayin's ear with a soft voice mixed with sweetness: "If that's the case, you can go all the way to China.." Just. To be with you like this.. 38 clothing store In this way, Ijain carried Anxin on his back and walked along the city streets of Istanbul in the direction of the signs on the road. However, as they walked, there was no follow-up. After three more signs, they couldn't find the few phrases they knew in Istanbul. The two of them had a headache. I don't know how to get to my destination if I don't take a taxi. They don't even know where they are. Fortunately, two people are not doing things in a methodical way, how to be rigorous and not interesting. While looking around, Anxin, who was lying on the back of Yijiayin, suddenly found a beautiful street and patted Yijiayin on the shoulder, pointing to that place. Ijain! I want to go there! Hearing Anxin's speech, Ijain naturally acted quickly after receiving instructions and showed Anxin his physical qualities as a football player. In fact, Yi Jia has been carrying Anxin for almost half an hour, but there is no panting, no physical decline in performance, and even after Anxin said where she wanted to go, she began to run faster, causing passers-by to look back. Feeling the acceleration of Yi Jiayin, Anxin hugged Yi Jiayin more tightly in order to avoid slipping down. Her breath was almost poured on Ijain's stamina, even. It can make Ijain feel the temperature of his lips not far away from him. When they walked into the small street, the strong European style came to them like this. Istanbul seems to be such a city. When you walk on her main street, you can see the most fashionable buildings, as if every inch of her land is full of modern atmosphere. However, when you turn into a small street, you feel like you are in another city, or even another country. You can see a lot of Turkish style shops in the small streets which are not very narrow. If Those are the words of Turkish flavor. In fact, Steel racking system , Anxin can't tell what is Turkish style and what is Istanbul style. She only knew that these stores were beautiful and exquisite, and it seemed that as long as she glanced at the door of the store, she could feel how carefully the owner was running these stores, which were not big. She seemed to see a shop specializing in crystal chandeliers, table lamps, and all kinds of crystal lamps, and she bit her nails with tears in her eyes. Then she saw a Turkish Delight shop with a sweet smell. And then. She even saw the extravagant Turkish carpet shop! Anxin opened her eyes wide and kept counting the price tag of the blanket of the town shop. Trying to figure out how many digits the price is.. And its currency unit is dollar or euro or lira. This is a small street that can not be said to be short, but after less than half of the journey, Anxin has been excited again by all kinds of shops. I want to go through the whole street and then go to every small shop! Just as she was thinking about it, she was attracted by a pure white dress in the window. That's a.. It will make almost every girl's eyes shine, but it's hard to wear a beautiful little white dress on the street. That white dress is so pure color, pure to have only one color of white, but it is hard to have a gorgeous European style. It has thick shoulder straps with beautiful lace. And then. The sleeve part starts from the middle of the arm and hangs loose to the back of the hand. It's really a retro design that Anxin loves. Not to mention a simple skirt whose length is only two centimeters below the knee, which consumes a lot of cloth, so that Anxin can be very sure that if she wears this skirt, even if she pulls the skirt from the side to the neck position, she will not be naked. Although Yi Jiayin had his back to Anxin, he could feel that the girl who had been looking around since just now was now staring at one place and not moving. So Ijain stopped, turned his head and asked, "Where do you want to go?" "Well..!" After a moment's hesitation, Anxin nodded yes. Her answer made Ijain put her down gently. But when Anxin's feet touched the ground, she suddenly felt a heavy body. It's like.. The feeling of a person who has been in the water for a long time and has just come ashore. However, Anxin just shook her figure and ran all the way to the clothing store before she could help her. Standing in front of the window, she looked longingly at the white dress she would never wear on weekdays. Ijain! Do you think I'll look good in that? Looking for a long time, Anxin turned her head to look at Yi Jiayin, only to find that the other side's eyes were spoiled. That kind of look in the eyes let Anxin a little embarrassed to scratch his hair which was still half dry. The owner of the shop seemed to have noticed the stop of Anxin and Yijiayin, put down the clothing magazine he had been reading, opened the glass door, smiled at Anxin and asked her if she liked the skirt. An Xin nodded and walked into the shop after looking at Yi Jia Yin with a smile. Can I wear it? Anxin walked into the shop, looked at the white dress carefully and asked the shopkeeper miserably, not knowing whether she could try on the clothes in the shop or whether the dress was her own size. The shopkeeper looked at Anxin's long hair, which was still wet and hanging together, and nodded in a funny way. Maybe we should dry your hair first, though? 。


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