Women's Style Guide to a Nightclub

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When it comes to preparing your outfit for a night out or a party night it can be a cumbersome task. With wardrobes overflowing with dresses, we often find ourselves short of dresses that can be worn to a party.


Party can be anything from a girl's night out to birthday parties to a bachelorette party; the list is practically endless. Each party has a different dress code, but how should you decide what to wear? The most important part of your dress is that it should complement your personality. People say how a person dresses tells a lot about them; it's practically the same concept here.


Clubbing outfit ideas for Women

We always dress when we are going out regardless of where we are going, whether it is a fancy club or a basic pub. Several options can spice up your style. Here is a woman's style guide to a nightclub which we believe will turn a few heads around at the club.


The Pro Look

Do you like the professional look? Wearing a shirt and jeans at the club can give you numerous options for styling. From the style of buttoning the shirt to elevating your style with some accessories. Everything is possible.


The Casual Look

If you want to be more towards the comfortable side while dressing up for a club, you can style yourself with a casual look. You are good to go with a bit of spice on and replacing those everyday black bottoms with shiny ones and some additional accessories.



Not just clothes but even footwear can completely change the look of your outfit and personality. Where sneakers might give a more casual but stylish look, pencil heels give out more diva vibes. So make sure your clothes and shoes complement each other.



Accessories make you look more stylish. But that doesn't mean you bulk yourself up with it. Just a couple of accessories are enough.


Ladies' Night at Barcode Saturdays

Being the number one party place for the people in Toronto, we at Barcode Saturdays host some of the best and wild parties in the city. We aim to offer the party people the maximum level of clubbing experience. We also welcome ladies to plan and celebrate their ladies' night at our luxurious club.

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