Princess Ares -he said angrily

She can only be my princess," he said angrily. "If there is one who dares to attack her, I will set fire to that man's palace first."

He vomited blood and fainted in ChengTou, but when he woke up, he turned a deaf ear to the news, and only spent all his time in reorganizing the army, managing the size of the Windy City, expanding the army and so on. Everyone thought he was all right, and everyone was gratified that Ling Wang Ye finally didn't fall in the blow. But often in the dead of night, he is a person standing in ChengTou, dim eyes without blinking at the distance, as if waiting for the return of that person, every sunrise just a person silently left, gradually, everyone has been aware of, all secretly feeling in private, only hope that Fengxinglie can return soon. However, day after day, she never came back, and his hard waiting did not get the response of God after all. Others may not see it, but how can he not see it when he is also concerned about Xinglie? He also wanted to stand in that place and wait for that person with him, but when he touched the lonely figure of this man, he could only stop. Do not know why, there is such a feeling, can stand with him, only popular, and can stand side by side with popular, only this man. This time he did not witness the departure of Fengxinglie, and the pain he suffered was naturally much less. Even though he was still worried about the injury, when he saw this man, the pain in his heart was relieved a lot for some reason, and turned into a concern and concern for him. I am also hurting for the same person, and naturally I am much closer to him. Although the capital is much bigger, it is still very chaotic. The Western Qin Dynasty is called a self-supporting country, but it is not called a rebel. Besides, the front has been losing ground. No matter how much glitz there is, it is just an illusion. Xi Suifeng said lightly, but the look of concern did not disappear from his eyes. Ling Yuxiang has always respected Xi Suifeng,warehousing storage solutions, and he also sighed with emotion that he was able to train such talents. However, nominally, she is a superior and subordinate, but in fact, her feelings with the Flame Rider are very complicated. Each of them worships and respects the fashion almost like a God, but these people are young boys in the end, a stunning and strong eye-catching woman between them, and has great kindness to them, how can they not be secretly loved in their hearts! But Fengxinglie is their master, and she is too excellent, like a star in the sky, people can only admire and appreciate, but always can not touch. That kind of mood, at most, is hidden in the heart, in addition to living for her, dying for her, what else can we do? Think of here, shuttle rack system ,cantilever racking system, Ling Yuxiang has the impulse to grind his teeth, that woman, can not be so dazzling, do not be so harmful? Also do not think for their subordinates, all day long looking at you this dazzling star, how many women can enter the eye in the future? You want them all to never marry and die alone, don't you? Disaster water! What a disaster! Don't look at Xi Suifeng, what you have done to him! But Ling Yuxiang does not seem to have any self-consciousness, he also regards this disaster as dead or alive! Ling Yuxiang looked at Xi Suifeng's eye-catching snow silk and noticed the attention in his eyes. He did not hide his pain. He sighed softly: "Brother Xi, is there still no news from the Dark Moon Gate?" "Although the Dark Moon Gate is a big intelligence network, it is not complete. What's more, even if we look for her, we can't really announce her identity. She acts very casually. Men's and women's clothes are not necessarily the same. If she falls into the prince's house as a princess again and again, we can only stare!" With a bit of a teasing smile, Xi Suifeng and Ling Yuxiang have long been friends along the way, comforting each other, Ann is full of tacit understanding. Ling Yuxiangming knew that he was joking, but he couldn't help but mind for a moment. "She can only be my princess," he said angrily. "If there is one who dares to attack her, I will set fire to that man's palace first." "Don't worry, you just set fire to it, and I and the forty-four brothers in the back will help you fan and pour oil on it, so that we can make sure that no matter how big the palace is, we will burn him completely." Xi Suifeng patted him heavily on the shoulder, smiling for his strong possessive desire and arrogant tone, but also sincerely. He did not think that besides Ling Yuxiang, there was another Wang Ye who deserved to be popular. "Good brother, be loyal!" Ling Yuxiang retaliated like a heavy pat on Xi Feng's shoulder, and the two of them burst out laughing and walked toward the bustling place. They did not lead too many troops into the west Qin well, only the flame ride and dark pavilion, in order not to attract the attention of others, Ling Yuxiang and Xi Suifeng directly outside the city dozens of miles then disband personnel, ordered them to enter the city alone, by the way to find out the layout of military forces in the city, to the largest brothel in the city to gather again. Places such as brothels and casinos are crowded with people, and intelligence organizations often come in and out. At this tense juncture, it is most difficult to attract people's attention. If you are lucky, you may catch a big fish, so the largest brothel in the city is the best choice. Ling Yuxiang and the popular strong consideration is almost the same, no matter how bad, at least to arrange a way out, so as not to run when there is no place to run. In order not to attract too much attention, Xi Suifeng found a bamboo hat to cover his white head and followed Ling Yuxiang, similar to the attendant. At this time, the two people who could let go did not complain about their identity problems. Xi Suifeng did not like to talk, but also enjoyed quiet. Excuse me, where is the largest brothel in Hancheng? How to go? Ling Yuxiang caught a passer-by and asked, but before the man could answer, an unrestrained voice came in behind him. Brother, do you also want to go to Yihongxuan? It's said that Yihongxuan is very lively tonight! Ling Yuxiang looked back, a flash of light in the pupil, the eyes of the whole body green clothes like a smile, look a little frivolous, arrogant and cynical man, it is also a dragon in the world, but such a handsome man's mouth seems to be very familiar with the place of fireworks, it is a bit dumbfounding. Ling Yuxiang asked with a cheerful smile,mobile racking systems, "Are you really going there? Are you from Hancheng?" Seeing that he was a prodigal son on a single horse, Ling Yuxiang was almost sure that he had just arrived here and wanted to go to the brothel as soon as he came. If he was not really romantic, I'm afraid he had an ulterior motive. And this person gives Ling Yuxiang the feeling that he believes that the latter is the majority.


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