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Decameron So I ask you to stay here with my mother for the time being, and not to be known to outsiders, until I return from my trip to Modena,

Aft that, as soon as it was dark, he quietly took a trusted servant with him, rode quietly, and went to his wife's tomb. He immediately opened that door of the tomb, climb in and lay down beside her body, pressed his face against hers, and wept and kissed her again and again. We need to know that people's desire is endless, this desire is satisfied, that desire will germinate, especially the love of children. Just as he was about to go away, another thought came to him: "Ouch!"! If I've come all this way, why don't I touch her breasts before I go? I've never touched it. I'll never touch it again. Driven by this desire, he reached out to touch her chest, took hold of her breast, and after a while he felt her heart still beating slightly. Then, shaking off all his fears, he felt carefully for a moment, and decided that she was not dead, and that there was still a trace of Yang to be broken, so he asked his servant to help him carry her gently out of the grave and put her on a horse, while he himself sat behind her and carried her quietly to his own house in Bologna. There was a mother in his house, a kind and virtuous old lady, who could not help feeling pity for her son when she heard these stories. She immediately took a hot bath and lit a stove to keep her warm. Not long after, Katharina woke up and asked with a deep sigh: "Oops?"? Where am I? The old lady replied, "Don't worry, you are in a safe place." Katharina gathered herself up and looked around, not knowing where she was, but when she saw Mr. Kindi standing in front of her, she was so surprised that she asked his old mother how she had come here. Mr. Gindi told her the whole story. She wept,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, thanked him again and again, and begged him, in consideration of his former love for her, and in accordance with his gentlemanly and benevolent manner, not to let her encounter with him in any way that might damage her own reputation and that of her husband, to send her home as soon as possible at dawn. "Madam," said Monsieur Gindi, "whatever thoughts I may have had of you in the past, I shall, from now on and from now on, here and elsewhere, treat you only as a sister, and it is because of the love of God that I can bring you back to life for the sake of my love for you. But I deserve some reward for the service I rendered you last night, so I will ask you for mercy, and I hope you will not refuse. Katharina replied kindly that whatever he wanted, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, if she could do it without damaging her reputation, she would be willing to give him what he wanted. "Madam," said Gindi, "all your relatives and friends, as well as anyone in Bologna, have concluded that you are dead, and that no one in your family is waiting for you to return. So I ask you to stay here with my mother for the time being, and not to be known to outsiders, until I return from my trip to Modena, which will not be long. I ask you this only because I want to invite all the famous people of the city to come and solemnly offer your priceless treasure to your husband in their presence. Knowing herself indebted to Mr. Gindi, and feeling that his request was a decent one, she was obliged to accede to it, even though she was eager to make her relatives and friends happy to hear that she was still alive. But before she had said this, she suddenly felt a pain in her stomach, and thought she was going to give birth. Thanks to his mother's care, he gave birth to a beautiful boy, and he and herself were overjoyed. He gave orders to the family to take care of her as if she were the mistress of the house, and when he had done so, he quietly returned to Modena. When his term of office was over, and he was about to return to Bologna, he ordered that on the morning of his arrival, there should be a decent banquet for all the dignitaries of the city, including Niccolocho. Then he got home and got off his horse, and there were many people waiting for him, including Katarina, who was stronger and more beautiful than ever, and the new baby was very lively and lovely. Jin Di was so overjoyed that he asked the guests to take their seats, and then ordered the banquet to be held. All the delicacies were served, and they were very expensive. At the end of the meal, he began to follow the steps he had discussed with Katarina beforehand: Gentlemen, I have heard that there is a custom in Persia, which is interesting. It is said that whenever a person wants to show great respect to one of his friends, he invites that friend to his home and shows him his most precious things. Whether it be his wife, mistress, daughter, or any other thing he loves, and when he takes out such a thing, he will say to the friend that he would like to cut out his own heart if he could. If you will be so kind as to come and have a drink, I too shall imitate this Persian custom in Bologna, and show you one of the most valuable things I have, perhaps a rare treasure. But before I do so, I would like to ask you a difficult question-if a loyal and kind servant in a person's family suddenly falls ill, the master will not wait for the patient to die, but throw him into the road and leave him alone. Then a stranger came by and took pity on the patient, and took him to his own house, and with all his efforts and money, brought him back to life and made him strong as usual. Then, I would like to ask, if the stranger kept the servant here,Ceramic Bobbin, could the original master blame him? If the original master asks him to return his servant, and he refuses, can the original master accuse him of being wrong? 。


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