Strange God Yang Xiaoxie

Strange God Yang Xiaoxie Strange God Yang Xiaoxie

Xiao Xie didn't get up until nearly noon. After washing, they came here to drink and eat. The three of them ordered some good dishes and went to work. They ate delicious food and drank spicy food. Suddenly- "Yang Hsiao-hsieh, come out if you dare!" Cried someone outside. Xiao Xie looked out of the window and saw that the whole restaurant was surrounded by people. He said with a smile, "Ah San and Ah Si, the people from the" Shenwu Gate "are coming!"! There are not a few, about fifty people. A San asked, "Little Evil Sect Leader, are we running?"? Or spell? "Let's talk about it later," said Xiao Xie. He turned to the man in black outside and said, Hello! Who are you? What's the ghost calling? Do you want to die? The man in black outside shouted, "I'm the chief helmsman here. The iron cock is white. Come out and die!" "Granny Heipi, nobody," cried Xiao Xie. "It's more like asking Du Yongtian to catch you. What are you?" "Don't you have to run?" Asked Ah Si. Xiao Xie turned his head and said with a smile, "No, it's them who are running away this time. Wait a minute and you'll kill them indiscriminately and pluck out the rooster's feathers. I promise I'll do it." A San laughs very happily, he thinks small heresy is OK, he roars to the window: "Iron cock, iron cock!"! You want to die! I don't believe that the iron cock can't pull out its hair, and it will fry you out of oil, Hee Hee.. Bai Jiacheng shouted at the top of his voice,steatite c221, "How dare you show off your tongue when you die in front of your eyes? Come on!"! Take it by me! Immediately, four men in black rushed to Xiao Xie. "Ah San and Ah Si," said Xiao Xie. Then he met the disciples of "Shenwu Gate" and fought with them. "Wow!" "Come on!" "Ding Ding Dang.." "Over here.." "Ha ha.." "Bang!" "Come here!" "Run there!" · "Boom!"! Pow! Crackle.. Men and horses on both sides immediately mingled together. Of course, these little disciples were Xiao Xie's opponents. After a while, more than half of the "Shenwu Gate" had been killed and wounded, and they were about to be defeated. At this time, the Iron Cock shouted in panic: "Get back!" Only then did more than twenty wounded soldiers turn over and sweep out of the inn and flee to the west of the town. Xiao Xie clapped his hands and said with a smile,Kamado bbq grill, "Ah San and Ah Si are going to collect the money." A San laughs: "Collect a bit more, very big expenses recently." "Yes," said Ah Si with a smile! Winter is about to pass, and it's time to change your clothes! Xiao Xie dropped the silver and turned around and walked out of the restaurant with Ah San and Ah Si to the "Spring Flower Courtyard" at the end of the town. "Chunhuayuan" is one of the sites of "Shenwumen" sub-rudders, with more than 100 prostitutes on a large scale, and is now open for business. I saw a lot of warblers and swallows looking for guests inside, and from time to time there were some obscene laughter and voices. By this time Xiao Xie was already standing at the gate of the Chunhua Courtyard. He had never been to a brothel before. He was a little afraid. He pushed Ah San and said, "Ah San, it's up to you!"! I haven't been in a brothel yet! Embarrassed, Ah San smiled and said, "Me too. I think Ah Si is ready." "Don't come," cried Ah Si. "Every bad thing happens to me. Bad The three of them pulled and pulled at the door, pushing and shoving. At the end of the conversation, the old man and the tortoise slave pulled them in. The old man doesn't care whether he is a monk or not. As long as he has money to make, 10g Ozone Generator ,cordierite c520, a nun can do it. "Grandpa!" She laughed! Young master! Monk! Come on, come on! Let me introduce you to the most famous Lixiang girl in our hospital. If you are satisfied, you will know. As soon as I pulled into the hall, more than a dozen gorgeously dressed girls immediately surrounded the earth, all smiling and smiling. Whoa! It turned out to be a young chicken! Xiaolan wants a red envelope! "How handsome the monk is!"! I don't know which temple it is. We'll wait on them another day. This little boy. You see how good it looks, how many people can't be found in the world?! I wait on you for free, hehe. "Wow!" Xiao Xie tightened his clothes and cried, "So that's what happened." Unable to resist these pink attacks, he was in such a hurry that he forgot that he was coming to collect the silver. A three, a four two people do not know what to say there, silly smile, everything is at a loss. Fortunately, Xiao Xie woke up quickly and took a deep breath. "Little Bao," said the old man with a smile, "do you like him?" "No, poor, poor," said Xiao Xie! Find some more beautiful ones. Grandpa has plenty of money. As soon as he raised his hand, he went to give the old man ten taels of silver. The old man fainted with fright and immediately shouted, "Thank you, little Bao Zi, for your reward. Come right away. I'm going to call the little pump Niang who just came yesterday. She hasn't opened her bud yet."! Little Bao, you are so lucky! You wait! And she ran back. Some of these prostitutes kissed the monk's mouth, some hugged the monk, and some simply took off their clothes and leaned on Ah San and Ah Si. A San and a Si shouted loudly and did not know what to do. Xiao Xie hid and laughed. He was admiring the expressions of Ah San and Ah Si, but he himself was chased away. Suddenly- Let go of me! I don't want it, please let me go, Ming. A woman's cry has come out. "Put what?" Cried the old man? Your family already sold you to me. Where are you going? Start picking up customers for me today, or I'll kill you! She picked up the bamboo branch and pumped it on the back of the little pump. Let me go-please-let me go. Let go of me. With tears streaming down her face, the girl cried and prayed and was pulled out by the old man. She was about sixteen or seventeen years old, dressed in blue cloth, and her face was very beautiful. "Shall I let you go?" Cried the old man? Who let me go? Mother, I am also an experienced person, bear the point to pick up the guests! Save the pain of flesh. "No, I don't want it. Let me go." The girl is struggling. "It's not up to you if you don't want it," cried the old man. Raise the bamboo branch to beat the girl's back. Small evil is a bit curious to brothel originally, but see this small pump Niang is so pitiful, feel the mood is not good immediately, he roars greatly: "Stop--" His first roar in the world shocked everyone in the brothel, and he stood there in a daze. "The old man will let the little pumper go," said Xiao Xie. The old madam was startled, but when he heard that Xiao Xie wanted the girl, he immediately said happily, "Good!"! OK! Little Cui,7g Ozone Generator, don't hurry up! She pushed Xiao Cui to Xiao Xie. Small Cui was this pile, fell to the ground and cried, very helpless. Xiao Xie went over and helped Xiao Cui up.


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