Honghuang yuandao

While talking. He pointed the wooden stick of Ruoshen in the distance to the candle Jiuyin, which was besieged by the incarnation of Chang Xi Jiuzun, and immediately saw the candle Jiuyin turn into a handful of fire.

Zhuan Xuan Shi is a religious leader. He has got the way of life and soul. He has already cultivated the indestructible Dharma body of Vajra. He is an indestructible body. Just because his soul was separated from the body, his body had a flaw, so he was burned and refined by the power of the prehistoric stars for more than nine hundred years. After all, he was refined and turned into ashes. His original body was turned into ashes, and the soul of Xuanling in the inner world of the earth was also damaged. At that moment, he was trapped by the Black Water Xuanming Emperor and sealed up with a secret method. After that, Jun inherited the royal family of Dongshan Mountains, and called himself Taiyi, which is called East Emperor Taiyi! He was very fond of Chang Xi and Xi He, a pair of sisters, and spent hundreds of years refining the two semi-finished chariots left by Zhuanxu and giving them to Chang Xi and Xi He, one to return to the pool and the other to bathe in the moon. Kuafu and Candle Nine Yin had naturally heard of the prestige of these two chariots, and knew that they were fierce, but they did not resist, but dodged and fought. Candle Jiuyin was born with a demon body and a dragon body. It was born above the nine heavens and danced in the sky, naturally and flexibly. Chang Xi drove the chariot of Guichi but could not chase it, and the flames from the chariot of Guichi did no harm to the demon God, which only made her tremble with anger. You demon dragon! Chang Xi was so angry that he cursed loudly. He suddenly stopped his chariot and swung his body gracefully. At that moment, he saw two fire-red fox ears on her forehead. Behind her, there were nine flames of fire rushing into heaven and earth, all of which were ten thousand feet long and short, like the tail of a comet, waving in midair. It was the nine fire tails of Chang Xi's body. As soon as Chang Xi swung his body again, he saw that the nine fiery red fox tails behind him all fell off and turned into nine flames, blocking the upper, lower,massage bathtub manufacturers, left and right sides in all directions, surrounding the candle in the middle, airtight. After that, the nine fire tails shook and turned into human bodies, which were exactly the same as Chang Xi's appearance and dress, and their words and actions were different, or they were angry, or cold-faced, or scolded and roared. Although the candle nine Yin eyes closed, the mind is transparent,4 person jacuzzi, a little distinction, we know that these nine figures are not illusions, but the nine-tailed fox Chang Xi with nine tails refined nine incarnations. Chang Xi released the nine tail Fen Shen, and the nine incarnations moved together, hitting the candle nine Yin. The original drove the chariot back to the pool, rolling in, and colliding with the candle nine Yin. The nine tails of Chang Xi's body are extremely tough, and she has been refined every day since the flood and famine. Every hair on the nine tails is stronger than gold. After the nine tails were refined into an incarnation, they were even more powerful, and their whole bodies were stronger than King Kong's. Ordinary demons and gods would be torn apart by her claws as soon as they closed. The original demon body of Candle Nine Yin was still on Candle Dragon Island in the East China Sea in the West Pole of the Great Wilderness. It had just been refined into a demon body, and its practice was far from its heyday. Naturally, it did not dare to fight with the chariot of Guichi, so it had to dodge the chariot of Guichi and rush towards the incarnations of several demon foxes. In an instant, he was surrounded by nine incarnations. Fight in one place. Candle Jiuyin and Chang Xi are both practitioners of the Fire yuan Dharma. They fight each other with the Fire Dharma, but they can't do anything about each other. So they just fight hand to hand, only to hear a loud bang, but it's between the demon bodies. The fists and feet collided, rolling up the air waves. Fighting for a moment, endless swim pool ,indoor endless pool, although the candle nine Yin barely avoided the collision of the chariot, it was caught by the nine incarnations of the demon fox Chang Xi all over the body, pain unceasingly, angry again and again. On the other side, Xihe drove the chariot to bathe in the moon and fought with Kuafu. Kuafu had just returned to the original, and his magic power was naturally not as strong as that of the Eastern Imperial Concubine Zixi and the demon God, but the wooden stick he held in his hand was a God that ran through the three realms. Far better than the chariot of the moon bath, so the two fight together, and it's hard to tell the difference for a while. Kua Fu heard that the candle nine Yin repeatedly cry pain, to the demon God candle nine Yin place a sweep, know that the candle nine Yin demon body has not recovered. But Chang Xi, hurriedly fought three battles, hit the chariot of the bathing moon, forced it to retreat, and then if the God wood battle a Yang, the hand pinched the seal. "Return to your place," he shouted. While talking. He pointed the wooden stick of Ruoshen in the distance to the candle Jiuyin, which was besieged by the incarnation of Chang Xi Jiuzun, and immediately saw the candle Jiuyin turn into a handful of fire. With the divine power of Ruoshenmu, he broke through a gap, rushed out of the encirclement, and got into the battle of Ruoshenmu. High in the sky, only the sharp whistling sound of the candle Jiuyin was left: "You, the nine-tailed demon fox, humiliated me today, and you will surely never die in the future!" Kuafu borrows Ruo Shenmu to take back the Dharma Protector Demon Candle Nine Yin, watching Chang Xi and Xi and the two sisters all drive the chariot to rush, and the nine incarnations of Chang Xi gather around. Knowing that he could not defeat the two nine-tailed demon foxes, he was angry, but he had no choice but to protect his whole body with a wooden stick like a God. He had to break through the encirclement of the nine incarnations of the demon foxes, turned into a black light, and headed for Tiannan. Chang Xi and Xi and nature hurriedly drove the chariot to chase, as if the sun and the moon were running side by side, drawing two dazzling light marks in the flood and famine world, chasing hundreds of millions of miles, to the southern edge of the East China Sea before stopping. The two of them were chased out of billions of miles by Candle Nine Yin and Kuafu. With a bad breath, they naturally stopped on the sea with joy, looking at the black light running away from the sky and giggling! Besides, Kuafu, after traveling hundreds of millions of miles, noticed that the breath of the moon bathing in the pool behind him had disappeared, and knew that the two men had returned, so he stopped and landed in a mountain forest. He thought that this rescue method could not get the demon God out of trouble, but was humiliated by the fox with two heads and nine tails. Naturally, he was angry and resentful. He waved his hand and fought a battle. Then he broke a mountain with tens of thousands of feet high beside him and scattered it into rubble. After breaking a mountain, Kuafu vented some of his anger, and his hatred gradually converged, and his mood calmed down. At that moment, I suddenly saw a black smoke coming out from under the broken peak in front of me. Together, the black smoke turned into a bearded burly man, a thousand feet tall, with two axes in his hands. This man is the mountain God of the surrounding mountains and forests. He was drinking and having fun in the cave mansion, but he didn't want to be interrupted by Kuafu, which disturbed his interest. At that moment, he was furious and rushed out of the cave mansion, and he would scold angrily! However, as he looked at Kuafu's real body,endless swimming pool, which was captured by Kuafu's divine power, he could not help but tremble in his heart. So he suppressed his mouth full of foul language. He just raised his head and pointed at Kuafu and shouted, "Who are you?"? Why do I break the peaks of Tiannan Mountains for no reason? 。 monalisa.com


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