Chai Dao Xing

To win! I just want to win! As long as we finish the game the day after tomorrow, we don't need to play anymore!

You.. Please say.. Being covered with such a big hat, although they knew that there was no good thing, they had to answer-who let things be taken by them and lies be spread by them? You can only clean up your own troubles! Please come out of the Phoenix! When the phoenix dances, the world is at peace. As long as the Phoenix is invited to Xuanwu City to perform a nine-day dance, the rebellion will naturally subside! "Uh.." Phoenix goes to dance and the war will be over?! Wen Yu was surprised, greatly surprised, this kind of thing. Only the devil can believe it! Qin Shi Huang and Ah Fang Nu nodded affirmatively at the same time. Mu Yuechen said softly to her, "Xiaoyu, this is a game. The system should be set like this." "Uh.." That's true. Wen Yu nods hurriedly, it seems that the system is so stipulated, oneself do not think so much. Grace, did you promise?! "Ding, you have accepted the task: to find the divine bird Phoenix and quell the rebellion in Xuanwu City.." "Eh?!"! When did I accept it?! You.. I just nodded. Qin Shihuang and Ah Fang Nu smiled like a flower, Wen Yu looked dull,calcium ammonium nitrate price, Mu Yuechen was embarrassed, no one thought that she just nodded. Unexpectedly will be so judged by the system, can it be said that even the nod can not be casually ordered in the future? "Ah-!"! If I had known, I would have handed over that piece of He Shi Bi!!! Knowing that even Qin Shihuang did not know where the Phoenix was, Wen Yu wanted to hit the wall again,Magnesium Oxide price, she first subconsciously denied, and then accidentally nodded, the matter was so settled. Just before Qin Shi Huang left, Mu Yuechen also helped her ask if she could solve the war if she found He Shi Bi now. The answer was: "It's already impossible. He Shi Bi has been destroyed. Even if it appears, it won't be convinced by others. Only by inviting the divine bird can we solve this matter!" As a result. One thing is not finished, another one comes. The duration of this mission is: "To be completed before one side gets Xuanwu City, after the failure of the loss of He Shi Bi, reputation emptied.." Wen Yu hit his head on the table again, his own luck. The system did not say what it would get after completion, only the result of failure, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide price, it seems that this time they are eating. So how do we find it this time? Mu Yuechen opened the information and searched for information about Phoenix on the Internet. The phoenix perches in Wu.. Do you want to find out where there are more sycamore trees in the game? "Sycamore tree?"? What does a sycamore tree look like? "Uh.." I I don't know. The two men hung their heads again. What level do you think the Phoenix is? Wen Yu asked casually as he played with a teacup. I think.. At least at the level of God, right? Maybe it's still a sacred beast. "Sacred Beast?"? If it's a sacred beast, it's even harder to find. Wen Yu put his chin on the table again. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. "Sacred beast?!"! Blackie, come out! "Huh?"? Sacred beast? Xiao Hei inexplicably looked at Wen Yu, who suddenly pulled himself out, and looked at her with his head tilted in puzzlement. Yes! Didn't you say before that you could feel the breath of the sacred beast? And now? Do you have any feelings? Wen Yu looked at Xiao Hei expectantly and saw Xiao Hei's hair grow. I I've been to Suzaku City and Qinglong City with you before, and I can feel that kind of breath in these cities, but now I can be sure. Blackie kept him in suspense and smoothed his feathers with his mouth. What? Say it! "That breath should be in the middle." "In the middle?"? What do you mean "It is in the central area of the four main cities." "Ah!"! The roads of the four main cities can only go from four sides now. "No one in the Central Belt has ever been able to walk in!" "That is to say.." Maybe there are too strong animals! "So.." No one and no animal dares to break in! Two people one person a excited Shun gave the information, it seems. The target this time may be in the mysterious central region of China! "But.." Before we do, you need to finish your game. "Mu Yuechen smiled and patted the shoulder of Wen Yu, who was excited to act immediately because of the discovery of clues." I think Qiuqiu must hope that when she sees you again, she can get the information that you cleaned up Cheng Ye. " "Well!" Wen Yu nodded firmly and took a look at his competition time: there is still an hour to go. "Just two more wins and you're up against that idiot." Wen Yu stood backstage with her eyes closed. At this time, many players were looking at her from a distance and curiously. Before going backstage, she changed back into her trademark lime-green gown, and now almost everyone can recognize what should have been an unremarkable dress. Although she has been recognized by many people, but until now, but no one dares to come forward to talk to her-the nickname of the firewood knife woman has been called away, everyone is afraid to say two words to her, she cut a firewood knife first. No one really wants to face this kind of experience. To win! I just want to win! As long as we finish the game the day after tomorrow, we don't need to play anymore! Volume 3 Those Things in European Clothing Chapter 33 Wen Yu vs Indian Bear, Mu Yuechen vs the Head of the New Generation of Screaming School Chapter 33 Wen Yu vs Indian Bear, Mu Yuechen vs the new generation of screaming faction leaders. No pet war, start again. A man stood opposite Wen Yu. His stature is strong, although not too tall, but it is enough to have two and a half arms thick and thin arms of Wenyu, but no one dares to take him lightly. Indians? After seeing the appearance of that person, this is the first word that flashed through Wen Yu's mind. He had almost the same appearance as an Asian, with a feathered headdress on his head, a bare wheat-colored chest, and strange clothes made of straw and white cloth on his legs and shoulders. Coupled with the peculiar patterns painted in red, blue,Magnesium Oxide MgO, black and other colors on the resolute face, anyone can see the origin of that person at a glance. But why would an American choose this time to compete? Wen Yu's mind flashed a few question marks, but immediately mobilized the spirit of the whole body to concentrate on the opponent's body-because the game has begun.


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