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You live in my room.". The one with the game poster on the door? Make no mistake.

Xu looked at the person's face, temporarily forgot to pursue who she was, only such a question left in her mind, she slowly asked: "Are you a foreigner?" The girl opposite looked young, about seventeen or eighteen years old, with short ice-blue hair, high nose, deep eyes, shallow pupils, and the iconic features of Westerners. I'm a hybrid. The girl blinked and smiled at Xu. Yes, look carefully, she is the shadow of some East Asian race. So what's going on? Why is there suddenly a mixed-race girl in the house? "I'm from Duan." The mixed-race girl thought for a moment, as if she had scoured her brain for words, and then added, "I'm his cousin.". Now that I'm in China,Magnesium Sulphate producer, you can call me by my Chinese name. My name is Hu Xien. "Hello, so you are Duan's sister." Xu looked at the room. "What about that?"? Didn't he come back? No, he should be back soon. Sister Xu, do you mind if I stay here for a few days and stay in my brother's room? "Of course not." "This is Duan's room, and if his sister wants to live in it,Magnesium Oxide powder, naturally he has the final say." My brother called you earlier to tell you I was here, but your phone didn't get through, so he gave me the key and let me come first. Hu Xien is in the adaptation period of switching from English to Chinese. Her Mandarin is not very good, but she is open-minded, familiar and extremely talkative. She can say everything she wants to ask and doesn't want to ask. Hu Xien is eighteen years old and is the only daughter of Duan's aunt. Duan's aunt married an American who worked in China. When Hu Xien was about six years old, his family moved to the United States. When she was a child, Hu Xien was a follower. She liked to follow Duan and play with their boys. She had no taste. When she was unhappy, she would roll around and bite people. Duan not only wanted to protect her from being bullied among her brothers, but also wanted to beat her in person. She often held back and almost vomited blood. When she saw her later, she always hid as far as possible. So that when Hu Xien was taken abroad, Duan was still a little happy. Who would have thought that Hu Xien and he have been separated by thousands of rivers and mountains for more than ten years, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and have only returned to China twice. Since Duan came to Shanghai from Suzhou, he has never met again. As it happens, Hu Xien recently graduated from high school, and her friends in China invited her to go to Tibet and Xinjiang for a graduation trip. She first came to Shanghai to meet her friends and meet her beloved brother by the way. Over the years, her closeness and interest in Duan has not diminished at all, but intensified when she learned that he is now a famous e-sports player. After flying from the United States to Shanghai, she took a taxi directly from the airport to the Far training base without contacting her brother in advance. I haven't seen you for a few years, plus Hu Xien's self-release dress style now, Duan really didn't recognize you at first. Hu Xien had dinner with them at the training base. After dinner, he moved a chair and sat on the edge of Duan to watch him train. Brother, I'm going to play in Shanghai for a few days and then travel to the west. Can you be my tour guide in Shanghai? Hu Xien asked. In his mind, Duan recalled Hu Xien's behavior as a child, and his eyes did not leave the screen for a second: "I have no time.". You can find your friend. "We haven't seen each other for so long. Can't you even play with me for a few days?" "I said I couldn't move away from training. If you want someone to play with you, you can go back to Suzhou with a lot of relatives and friends." "I'm not going to Suzhou. I'm going to stay in Shanghai." Hu Xien lifted the corners of his mouth discontentedly: "Brother, can you let me live in your place?" "Stay at my place?" Duan Yan glanced at her. "Didn't you book a hotel?" I don't want to stay in a hotel. You have refused one of my requests, and you can't refuse this again. Hu Xien grabbed his arm. Duan thought about it, the girl lived in a hotel alone, he was really not at ease enough. All right, you can live here. "Then take me there now." "My house is only ten minutes away. I'm going to play a training match later. Otherwise, I'll give you the address and you can go there first." "Well, I'm tired. I'll take a taxi." Hu Xien stood up. Wait a minute. "Duan picked up his cell phone." I forgot to tell you that there is another person who lives there now. I'll call her and report it. " "There is another person?" Hu Xien immediately understood, "is it a girlfriend?" Duan dialed the number and made a shush gesture to her, so Hu Xien had to shut up. Is it turned off? Moments later, Duan put down his cell phone and murmured. Hu Xien watched him curiously. Here's the thing. Duan put the key into Hu Xien's hand. "You go now.". There is a good friend of mine living in the house now. You have to call her Sister Xu. She may not be at home to rehearse the play tonight. Give me a call when she comes back. "Is it your girlfriend?" Hu Xien asked relentlessly. Duan got up and pushed her suitcase over. "You live in my room.". The one with the game poster on the door? Make no mistake. Hu Xien went to Duan's house with an exploratory attitude. She was tired of sitting on the plane. She first fell on the sofa and slept for two hours. After getting up, he slowly went to Duan's room to clean up, and when he was almost finished and was going to take a bath, Xu came back to meet her. Oh, by the way, my brother said to call him when you get back. I almost forgot. Hu Xien finished and called Duan. So late? Is he still coming? Xu asked. I do not know Hu Xien shrugged his shoulders. Do you eat fruit? Xu said, "I'm going to cut a cantaloupe." "Yes." Hu Xien followed Xu into the kitchen and watched her cut the cantaloupe. The more she looked at it, the more she felt that Xu was the kind of oriental girl she appreciated most. Hu Xien is a mixed-race, but also a typical European and American fashion girl's dress, but the gentleman and different, Xu such a quiet and beautiful temperament,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, but particularly attracted her. Sister Xu, how did you meet my brother? We are classmates in junior high school and have been in the same class for a semester. Then I came here for a job interview, but I didn't expect to meet again. Xu said. What do you do "Voice actor." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com


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