The days when I pretended to be a cat in the Forbidden City

Not only not, I'm afraid I have to live under surveillance and vigilance every day. The benevolence of today's stewards does

Not only not, I'm afraid I have to live under surveillance and vigilance every day. The benevolence of today's stewards does not guarantee that every king in the future will be able to do so. What's more, is this so-called benevolent official family, did not also make "give surname" this matter? Therefore, the marriage with Xia Enron was directly turned into a refusal to come and go by the major circles in the capital of Bian. Basically, no one would be willing to do this except those who wanted to climb up a royal family without thinking. Xia Enron doesn't know anything. What he didn't know was that there was a behind-the-scenes pusher behind the wind, hiding in his bed. Although he did not know, everyone in the Eight Wangfu Palace knew. Eight princess heartache is also extremely helpless, they do know that the emperor has no such idea about Xia Enron, but the key to this matter is that even if they know, they can not say ah. There's too much involved. Xia Enron's Wang Jue was really embarrassed, and it was difficult for many families in the capital to avoid him. A family that may rise in the world in the future, everyone is rushing to get married, a family that can rise or fall, people are thinking about the knot, but a family is falling into the quagmire, of course, no one is getting married. This is the reason why the eight princesses sent Chuang Tzu out first. Let the son go to relax more, after all, this Chuang Tzu is not out of the capital of Bian, go for a walk more, if you meet a good girl from a civilian family to marry back is always a companion. Xia Enron could not understand this painstaking,Precision steel tubes, he only thought that his mother knew that his family was too small to raise the cubs, so he specially sent him a place where the cubs could run. Seeing that there were several farmlands on the edge of Chuang Tzu, including upper, middle and lower fields, Xia Enron was even more excited. It's good to have a field. Although he planted a season of Zhancheng rice at home, he couldn't draw a credible conclusion because of too little data. If he could have more samples, he could draw a reliable conclusion. If he wore it to other Dynasties in the future, he could also have a direction to buy rice! You are a real mother! Just considerate! Xia Enron's eyes were shining, and Empress Di was even more sad about this kind of look. This child,aluminium coated steel tube, this child is so good, hey! It happened that God played a trick on me! If you have never left, with this appearance, character, and ability to handle affairs, where you can't find a wife! Xia, obviously has a daughter-in-law but can not say, Enron naturally do not know how the mother's crying and laughing expression is, he can only gently comfort, and tell his mother that he will often come to see in the future. But his words were stopped directly by the eight princes. From time to time, it is impossible, absolutely impossible. Since Xia Enron was granted the title of King of Pingnan, he and the Eight Princes could not get too close. At that time, the Eight Princes and the King of Pingnan were able to maintain a gentleman's friendship mainly because the King of Pingnan could only enter the capital once a few years, and because his fief was far away, side impact door beams ,Cold Drawn Tubes, it was convenient to hide Sanlang, so the Eight Princes would take risks. Unfortunately, I never thought that Saner would look so much like Your Majesty. It almost caused a disaster. Xia Enron didn't stay here for a long time. After all, in the eyes of outsiders, he was just the new king of Pingnan from the south. He could use a little friendship between the eight kings and the old king of Pingnan as an excuse to visit the eight kings, but not in the future. When he came, he brought two carriages of gifts, and when he went back, he changed them into one carriage. Although there were fewer things, they were actually heavy in Xia Enron's hands. On the way back, Bai Jinxi silently looked at Xia Jingxi, who was in the car like a toy with many birds, pointing these deeds one after another. I just feel my fingers itch. He endured, did not hold back, reached out and fished the man over and sucked several mouthfuls. Today's emperors are not as leisurely as Xia Enron, and even Xia Enron's expectation of Zhanzhao's performance is forgotten in a twinkling of an eye. All his efforts are now focused on Dangxiang. Jade Raksha's words are not groundless in Zhao Zhen's opinion. If there is no problem with Dangxiang, how can Jade Raksha say so. But the emperor's mind, since he will not care about the performance on the surface, he just chose to send the first batch of weapons made by hydraulic mechanism to the western defense line. King Taiping in the north said that these weapons were not smelted by ordinary means, and it was not known whether they were durable or not. Because the environment in the west was more stable than that in the north, they were temporarily provided to the west for testing. He himself was really more concerned about this matter, and also mentioned with the generals stationed in the west that they must pay attention to this batch of weapons. Cao Wei, who had received this year's supplies, looked puzzled and thought that there was something wrong with the emperor, so he took their western army and sent the problem weapons. This makes the military life of the general was so angry for a while that he didn't even care about the heavy sick body. He opened the quilt and put on his cloak and strode out. As he walked, he ordered his subordinates to open the box and inspect the goods. To send a letter to the soldiers soon realized that the Lord this is a misunderstanding, but before he caught up, was immediately blocked by the Cao QinBing, QinBing pointed to the energetic old general, meaning don't want to talk. General Cao Wei, born in a family, was highly regarded by the late emperor. Even Li yuanhao only dared to fight when the transfer of military power in the west was chaotic after he died of illness. Later generations often lamented that if General Cao lived for a few more years, he would not have the situation of the Three Kingdoms. Unfortunately, when Emperor Renzong had no real power at the beginning of his accession to the throne, he was framed by Ding Wei and banished all the way to Qingzhou. Fortunately, since last year, because Emperor Renzong gradually grasped the real power, he deposed Ding Wei and returned to the Northwest Front. From Qingzhou, however, arrived at the northwest front of the Yongxing army is located in the Yan'an house is quite far away, the old general between a sad and a happy and infected with evil wind, plus to the time is winter, just to the Yan'an house to see the old subordinates, the general was ill. Northwest bitter cold, all kinds of conditions are not as good as the east, the old general this disease will be some intermittent, almost half a year is not good. The doctor also said that now most of the heart disease is the most important thing. The old general had been demoted before, but he was still sad. Today this gas, on the contrary, went along with his whole body,impact beam tubes, which is not necessarily a good thing. What's more, how weapons, QinBing already tested.


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