One of the Trinity Series "No Trace of Morning Dew"

"Ha, ha, ha.." The mysterious man burst out laughing again. It could be seen that his mood was very unstable. Ajixiu

"Ha, ha, ha.." The mysterious man burst out laughing again. It could be seen that his mood was very unstable. Ajixiu looked at him silently. It took him a long time to return to normal. Then he said, "a year and a half ago, I remember clearly that it was the afternoon of June 29, 1001 in the solar calendar of Asia and Asia." Jed met a Yade man by accident at the Meefang Altar (the site of an abandoned altar with a history of more than 900 years in the country of Names). He presented Jed with a wonderful book, which recorded a large number of unexpected magic. One of them is the magic of creating your own doppelganger. This is no ordinary magic. The doppelganger magic that has been handed down in the world is nothing more than garbage that confuses the enemy to save his own life. The magic that Jed saw in this wonderful book is not. It is the real creation of another person who is exactly like the person you want to copy. Just like God created man. Are you saying that this magic can be replicated to create an identical person? How come I don't remember getting such a wonderful book? Ajixiu asked in surprise. "Replicant." It was the first time he had heard of such a thing, and he thought it was incredible. Yes! It's a copy of an identical person. And you can perform this magic on anyone, as long as that person stands within five meters of you. The mysterious Iceman was so weak that he said this intermittently, as if he was going to lose his breath at any time, and his voice was so low that Ajixiu and Yi Feiyue had to listen very hard to hear what he was saying. Who the hell are you? How do you know these secret things? Yi Fei Sun and Moon suddenly said in a harsh voice, looking up and down at the Iceman, as if he was going to see through the Iceman. The mysterious Iceman answered weakly, "Be careful!"! The present king is actually Jed. I, on the other hand, am Jed, the other self he created. It's just, I'm just one of his failures. He's the one who beat me so badly. He's the one who imprisoned me here! If he hadn't felt he couldn't bear to kill another'self ',collapsible pallet box, I would have died long ago. The Iceman laboriously raised his hand to point at Ajixiu and said with a wry smile, "You, you and I know at a glance that Jed created it.". I didn't expect that! Jed is so awesome! You know, Jed had a big problem when he used this creative magic. He created people like me who only had his soul, but not his appearance. Unexpectedly, Jed, his genius,collapsible pallet box, finally solved the problem and created you, and you don't have his soul, only his appearance, which is more conducive to control. Ha, ha, ha.. The mysterious man's voice became lower and lower, and finally he could not be heard. Yi Fei Sun and Moon stretched out his hand to explore it, but there was no breath. What the hell is going on? Ajixiu could not accept what the mysterious man told him. He looked at Yi Feiyue and asked, hoping to get the answer from him. For a long time, Ajixiu suffered from the vicissitudes of life, experienced the warmth and coldness of the world, his identity has always been a mystery to him, very not easy to run into the Hamas Rainbow Academy, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet price, from then on no longer need to wander, and got a name of his own from there, but the events of the Yufu family, the mysterious Aka, the mysterious brother's letter home disrupted all this. Then came the abominable war, in which he was wounded and almost killed, but dramatically let him know that he was the respected and powerful minister of the United States, Jed. It was not until here that Ajixiu really dropped the question that had been hanging in his heart, because he knew his true identity and really ended the wandering of his heart before he settled down. But now everything is different! The man who had just died said that he was a copy of Jed, and Ajixiu was also said to be another copy of Jed. He is only a copy of a person. This is not true! Ajixiu murmured. "I think what he said is true, because I have a special ability to see through people's hearts," Yi said. As long as the people within ten meters of me are thinking, I know what they are thinking. Because I can read everyone's heart like a book. I have read his heart carefully just now, and what he said is true. At least for him, because his heart tells me he's not lying. "No!"! This is not true! Ajixiu shook his head and roared. At the moment, he felt dizzy and his footsteps were staggering. His eyes were red. For a long time, he has experienced many setbacks, and he has never shed even half a drop of tears. At this moment, tears are rolling in his pupils, and men do not shed tears easily, just because they have not reached the sad place! Today, he finally shed tears, his tears really fell down, can no longer hide, can no longer control the brush fell down. Ajixiu was depressed: "Is he just a person who doesn't exist in this world at all?"? I am not Yu Fu Yong Zhi, nor Aji Xiu, nor Addis. James' brother. What am I? What am I? Am I really just a copy? "It's nothing." Yi Fei said to the sun and the moon, "Now your heart is saying that you should be quiet.". All right, I'll go away for a while, and then I'll come to see you when you calm down. Chapter 30 Decadent Man, cheer up! In the dark and cold stone room, a blond man dressed in beautiful clothes was sitting on the ground decadently, because the light was too dim to say no, so that his face could not be seen clearly. Near where he was sitting were rows of overlapping barrels, one of which had a small mouth, and the wine was flowing out of the small mouth and into the mouth of the blond man. The wine flowed, and the blond man swallowed it in a big gulp, and the wine that he had no time to drink spilled down the corners of his mouth, dyed all over his body, and dripped all over the floor. The dark and cold stone room suddenly fell into a ray of light, and in the darkness,plastic pallet manufacturer, a man came in. The blond man sitting on the ground shouted at the man who came in, "Brother Yi Fei, please leave me alone!" It was Yi who flew to the sun and the moon. Nope! I must come to see you! I'm coming to get you out of this dark place. Yi Fei Sun and Moon answered.


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