Fire Cantabile 2

Night Luo's eyes narrowed, and the cinnabar between his eyebrows jumped quickly. He looked around the cell. Zhan Feng was hanging

Night Luo's eyes narrowed, and the cinnabar between his eyebrows jumped quickly. He looked around the cell. Zhan Feng was hanging on the wall with her arms hanging upside down. Her body was covered with blood stains and gave off a cold breath. Snow sat cross-legged on the ground, smiling gently against the wall. Her white clothes were dazzling like a fresh white flower. Cantabile was very close to Snow. She sat with her knees in her arms and her eyes were clear and transparent. The lives of the three of them were still in his hands, but there was no trace of fear on their faces. Night Luo approached Cantabile, crouched down and lifted her chin. "Your performance was excellent. I always thought you really lost your memory." Cantabile smile: "You are not easily deceived, the first drink'forget ', I did forget a lot." "When does forgetting fail?" "You shouldn't have let lavender test me, and she shouldn't have brought me to see Zhan Feng and Xue." On that day, when the snow kissed her earlobe, the curse of'forgetting 'had reached her body, and she was no longer under the control of the potion. Therefore, when no one, she can discuss a lot of things with Yu Zihan, and the appearance of simple ignorance makes no one suspicious. Night Luo raised his eyebrows. "Don't you hate Yu Zihan?" "Why should I hate him?" "He betrayed you." Cantabile smile: "I said, I do not believe.". Elder Martial Brother Yu is definitely not that kind of person. Even if there is more evidence,socket screw plug, even if Elder Martial Brother Yu admits it himself, I will not believe it. Elder Martial Brother Yu is the noblest and most upright man in the world. Her trust in Yu Zihan can not be shaken by anything, and that kind of trust goes deep into the marrow. She just acted in front of the dark night. An angry look flashed across Night Luo's cheek. He had never seen such stubborn trust: "It's just that the noble and upright Yu Zihan possessed your body when you were delirious!" Snow all over a shock, face pale: "Girl..." Zhan Feng's body suddenly stiffened! Her cheeks were flushed like a song, and even her neck was pink. Snow took her by the shoulder and said in a trembling voice, "Yu Zihan.." He Did he really do that to you? Hateful! He swore that he would kill Yu Zihan! "No,car radiator cap," said Cantabile shyly. He just put on a show. Hot breathing, tangled body, wild and wild rhythm, hot skin caress, that night, Yu Zihan only used a wonderful and clumsy way to deceive the dark night Luo, but also soothed her restless body. What she did not say was that she had experienced a strange passion that night. Although the body is still the original. But she has become a woman. Night Luo's pale toes tightened on the cold ground, and his blood-red clothes rose and fell. He found that he really didn't know them, that they seemed to live in a different world from himself, and that there was an incomprehensible trust between them. He burst out laughing. "Do you think you can beat me like this?"? Do you know that the real failure is not me, metal stamping parts ,deep draw stamping, but you! Snow chuckled. "People who fail are always reluctant to admit their failure.". It's okay, we understand you. Night Luo sneers: "Life is like a gamble, I lost this game, the big deal is to start again, as long as I am still alive!"! But you're going to die! Dead people no longer have any chance! After a few years, the world is in my hands, and you are just a pile of rotten loess! Cantabile suddenly looked up. Zhan Fengyi closed his eyes, he seems to have no joy, anger, sorrow and joy, immersed in a cold world. "Are you going to kill us?" Snow asked. Night Luo thought his words were so funny that he laughed so hard that the red coat was flying like a fog of blood. "Do you still have the value of surviving?" Snow held her chin in her hand and looked at him with pity. "It's a pity that you are really so stupid." Night Luo is furious: "What did you say?!" "I always thought you would ask me to do something." Snow said leisurely, "I didn't think you were so stupid that you didn't even mention it." "Joke, is there anything you can do that I can't do?!" Night Luo disdained to say. I am an immortal. "Your skill is not even as good as it used to be." If it was Silver Snow 19 years ago, then maybe he may not be an opponent. At this time, however, Yinxue could not even take over his ten moves. But I'm still a fairy after all. Snow smiles. What do you want to say? "Kill me, and you will never see the woman you love again." Snow said with a smile, smiling at the night Luo's face "brush" a pale as paper. Night Luo stared at him, his eyes turning blood red. "What did you say?" Snow shook her head and said, "Xiao Luo, are you really old?"? How many times have you said "what did you say" and "what did you say"? The pale hand choked the neck of the snow, the dark night Luo tightened the finger bone, the snow choked like peach blossom: "Do not use her name to tease me!"! Otherwise, I will let you die very ugly! He gave a white look. "If you think I'm playing a trick on you, kill me now." His tone was so bold that he seemed to be sure he wouldn't do it. She. Now it's bones. Night Luo never believed that there would be such a thing as flesh and bones coming back to life in the world. Her soul is still there. "Where?" Night Luo's body shook violently. Does she often come into your dreams? Snow looked at him and smiled. Night Luo gradually loosened his neck, and the cinnabar between his eyebrows was so red that it seemed to drip blood. Yes, she will enter his dream, just look at him, do not speak, no matter how he begged, she did not speak. Her eyes were so complex, cold, hatred, and I don't know if it was his imaginary love. God knows, he wanted to exchange everything,DIN screw plug, as long as he could hear her say a word to him! Her soul is in your heart. Because your willpower is too strong, nineteen years have passed, and her soul has not been completely dissipated. The blood in dark night Luo body is boiling secretly: "Then?" 。


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