The journey of Lan Huan

When Serra released the breath and strength that had been suppressed, Jingyue immediately sensed something that surprised

When Serra released the breath and strength that had been suppressed, Jingyue immediately sensed something that surprised her and made her stay again. A cocoon of pure dark energy slowly rose from the ground, and as the cocoon moved, the energy continued to climb, and when it slowly floated to where Sylar had stood, the energy had climbed to a terrible level. A circle of pale black ripples visible to the naked eye emanated from the surface of the black cocoon, and the ground, trees, and undead were squeezed and deformed by the ripples. Of course, the destructive power alone could not match the undead magic released by Amster before, but the ripples were only the meager energy emitted by the black cocoon itself, and the two were not at the same level at all. Armstrong, as a master of a generation, could not see it, but he was tired of resisting the tangible pressure at this time, and had no time to make comparisons at all. He just blamed himself for his bad luck and kicked the iron plate as soon as he woke up. Fortunately, the energy of the ripples is getting weaker and weaker with the distance, spreading to the back of Jingyue's side, which can hardly be sensed. Therefore, she doesn't have to change places. She continues to sit down and see who the guy in the black cocoon is. As for the problem of the small stone, it has been replaced by the immediate problem. She will take care of it when she has time. Suddenly, the ripples suddenly stopped spreading outward, and the black cocoon quickly diluted and thinned at a speed visible to the naked eye. Soon, the outline of the man wrapped inside was faintly visible. In a few breaths,Nail Making Machine price, a man wrapped in huge black wings floated quietly in midair. Whew. Two huge wings suddenly spread out to both sides, driving the flow of a few strands of dark energy, but Jingyue just saw the face under the wings, thought before Serra has been beautiful, can see the restoration of his real body, only to know what is the gap. The perfection of that face can not be expressed in words, every place is so perfect, especially the purple eyes full of evil, as if they can touch anyone's soul,Coil nail machine, people can not help but indulge in it and are willing never to wake up. Black shoulder-length hair naturally drifted down, virtually adding a bit of elegance, not to mention the body below, the same can only be described as perfect, to see such a beautiful man, even Jingyue, who never thought she was a woman of color, could not help but look again and again, it can be seen that Serra's lethality is extraordinary. That pair of purple eyes, let Jingyue but set the previous guess, Serra is indeed a Demon origin, and judging from the momentum he sent out, I am afraid the status is not low. Since Serra was born of the Demons, and the Demons were inextricably linked with the demon-cultivators who had escaped from heaven, it was not surprising that he was able to avoid his hidden identity. However, if what Jingyue had expected was right, Amster's attack just now was powerful, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail machine manufacturer, but compared with the overbearing constitution of the Serra Demons, it was impossible to pose much threat to Serra. Thinking of this, she faintly felt something was wrong. But before she could think about it, Serra, who had come out in a new style, said, "Damn human, I was just going to play with you, but I didn't expect you to make me lose so much face. If I don't beat you all over the ground today, I'm sorry for my identity!" Although these words are in Serra's usual cold tone, but this. Let Jingyue how to listen to how strange, this completely deviates from Serra's usual style of speech, is this his true face? ~~ From Serra's previous momentum to the process of transformation, Armstrong's heart missed a beat, knowing that this time he kicked a super big iron plate, until he saw Serra's purple eyes and wings, he was full of despair: God is so cruel that he has not let me feel the happiness of waking up, but once again plunged me into the abyss of despair.. Unfortunately, the gods in the sky had no time to listen to his voice, and he was doomed to be ravaged by the angry Demons. Amster, who had just been dragged to death, was now asking heaven with a depressed face, which made Jingyue sigh with emotion. "Thirty years in the east of the river and thirty years in the west of the river." This is true, but you can't blame him for being a coward. After all, the signboard of the Demons is loud and bright, but he is not a small necromancer that can be compared. With a sigh of frustration, he said in a low tone, "I didn't expect to wake up from a long sleep and end up like this. Well, you can do it, and I'll take it!" In fact, the struggle between the two was a farce, but the identity of the other side was too sensitive, and the arch-rivals of the Protoss were not easy to mess with. They naturally had their majesty in high positions and did not allow any underground creatures to trample on them. Therefore, he did not try to resolve it, but it was in vain. Serra rose high again, looked contemptuously at Amster, and snorted through his nostrils, "Humph!"! Quite a backbone, I would like to see how long your backbone can hold out ~ ~ ~ "The voice just fell, his huge wings moved slightly, I do not know when there was a dark sword in his hand, his body rushed to Amster like an arrow from the bow.." As a member of the Demons, dark magic is a compulsory course for them, but their overbearing constitution makes their level of close combat even stronger. Sylar didn't kill Amster all at once, though it was as simple as pinching an ant to death. He was as bad as a cat catching a mouse, and he had to tease the prey to his heart's content. In the face of Serra's melee attack, Amster was not even in a hurry to read an advanced spell. The clothes he had just changed had been torn to pieces by Serra's black sword. He could only cover his body, but did not hurt his flesh and blood. Where did he not know the purpose of Serra's play, but even if he wanted to commit suicide, he had no chance, as a generation of masters, he had never suffered such humiliation. Seeing this scene of the game of cat and mouse, Jingyue really fulfilled her dream of watching the play before. But just as she looked at the corners of her mouth and her eyes squinting, there was another change in her divine consciousness. The smile at the corners of her mouth was not in a hurry to take it back. She was immediately immersed in the perception of divine consciousness. The next moment,Nail production machine, her eyes were wide open, and the blue light jumped up. As soon as the sword was drawn, the blue light immediately shot out like lightning.


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