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Jiang Zhiyue responded without hesitation: "Very good, they are close friends." At the same time, she recalled all kinds of problems

Jiang Zhiyue responded without hesitation: "Very good, they are close friends." At the same time, she recalled all kinds of problems that Xiao He helped Jiang Bie solve in the past, and deeply felt that He Sui had a loving heart. I heard from my family that they were roommates in the third year of high school, and they were separated when they went to college. This kind of fate, which is similar to stepping on dog shit every time they go out, is enviable. The elder realized in an instant, and his eyes burst out with a confident light, "He must be good to your brother, and by the way, he is good to you." This explanation also makes sense, but Jiang Zhiyue felt that the way He Sui looked at her recently had become very wrong, and there was a tendency to gradually turn into a wolf. The Bking character that he had just met at that time has now collapsed by 60%, and the habit of cherishing words like gold has also disappeared in her. Lu Jiaojiao's reflex arc circled in a big circle and raised his hand resentfully: "I want to interject, what is the best position?" The head of the dormitory took the initiative to compete with the purest girl in the dormitory, "probably a little better than breaking up." “……” Jiang Zhiyue did not join them, took out a book lying on the bed to scribble, over the end of the competition, Lu Jiaojiao was defeated,Nail machine supplier, vowed not to discuss the topic of color with the dirty God Yin Yin in the future. She leaned over and looked at it. "Has the teacher asked you to write a news outline recently?" Jiang Zhiyue presses the ballpoint pen cap, "is not the news outline, I am carrying on the male psychological analysis." How to judge whether a boy likes you or not? Baidu experience reply: He walks behind you, and if you look back occasionally, you will find his eyes falling on you. Often give your friends a like and brush the sense of existence. I want to have physical contact with you (except for hooliganism). [Expand the rest] Jiang Zhiyue closed the book and solemnly told them the results of the analysis: "I think we still need to carry out actual combat to determine." The result of a mother-to-child solo who has never been in love is that he can't figure out the boy's routine, and all his knowledge depends on Baidu and self-perception. She went back and looked at her with her head tilted. "If you're sure he likes you, what can you do?" Jiang Zhiyue was silent for half a moment,Nail machine manufacturer, and the penholder was spinning at her fingertips. She found that she did not resist the contact of Xiaohe senior, out of the girl's original strong mentality, that little bit of worship became a catalyst for good feelings. There was no way to determine whether the other party liked her or not, but Jiang Zhiyue was aware of her hazy intentions towards him. Someone who takes you to the hospital late at night. A person who always tries to amuse you and protect you as much as possible. It seems that inadvertently, it is slowly taking root in her life. Jiang Zhiyue curved her eyebrows and eyes, and the sad look on her face waved away. "Then try it together. What else can we do?" Lu Jiaojiao pinched her face and looked at whether the person in front of her was possessed by the little devil. "Young Moon, you are not reserved." The head of the dormitory suddenly gave her a preventive injection, "but if you think too much?" Jiang Zhiyue did not mind at all, and the pear vortex on her cheek sank into a small whirlpool. "It's all right. Anyway, I'm not embarrassed alone." - In December, Jiang Zhiyue's actual combat plan was completed, just in time for the program selection of the New Year Party. The officer of the Ministry of Health was in charge of lighting equipment, and she spent almost all her time without classes in the auditorium. Each club declares two programs, and finally the Ministry of Literature and Art chooses one of them for rehearsal. Jiang Zhiyue nests in the last row to open the account book, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,nail manufacturing machine, which records ten pages of the strategy A plan. There was no air conditioning in the auditorium, and the cold air everywhere was boring, freezing people into cold bread, and then going out to be cut by the cold wind. He Suilai delivered meals to Lin, and several members of the presidium, who were familiar with him, raised their voices when they entered the door. The other actors sitting together followed the sound, and the boy standing on the edge of the stage, with a lazy and indifferent look, finished the box lunch of the presidium. He looked up and walked all over the back row, caught the hairy white dumplings, and walked over. Each seat has its own small table board, he pulled the table board to put down the food in his hand, probably because the action was too light, the girl wearing headphones to turn over the book did not find his existence. He Sui bent his fingers and knocked on the table, trying to attract her attention. A familiar hand appeared in Jiang Zhiyue's field of vision. She slowly raised her head and happened to hear Mao Jie shouting with a loudspeaker: "The lighting team is ready to try the light.". ” Jiang Zhiyue's heart tightened, and he quickly grabbed his wrist and half forcefully asked people to sit down. No, on the ground, to be exact. He Sui was caught off guard and pulled, his knees bent awkwardly, holding the small table beside her with one hand, and the top of the girl's hair in front of him. Shallow breath spread down, Jiang Zhiyue slightly stupefied, but also only stupefied for a moment. Because Mao Jie shouted with a loudspeaker: "Where is Xiaozhiyue? The lighting team is ready." Jiang Zhiyue for Liang Li's class in the morning, mobile lamps and lanterns this kind of boy to do the work she also faced difficulties, a few hours later really did not have the strength to hide. She looked up, trying to hint that senior Xiaohe should not expose her. Never thought the moment I looked up, my forehead gently rubbed against the boy's chin, as if I had touched something soft. He Suiting bowed up cooperatively, too close, and every word he said was like a whisper in his ear, "Lazy here?" Jiang Zhiyue's brain crashed, her blood was frozen and coagulated, and the heat of her whole body was concentrated on the tip of her ears. He Sui did not continue to tease her, "you eat, I do." Jiang Zhiyue puffed out her cheeks, and a layer of crimson color appeared on her cheeks. "Senior, will it be too much trouble for you?" Faced with the sudden honorific, he raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes swept her tangled little expression inch by inch, and bent his lips lightly, "You don't have to be so polite." Jiang Zhiyue died. If you want to make sure that he likes you, you should keep a distance and create a little ambiguity. This move doesn't work for senior Xiaohe! He Sui served as the vice president of the student union for one year and was in charge of the lighting group for two years. He is familiar with all the work. When Mao Jie saw him coming over,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, he asked curiously, "Where is Xiao Zhiyue? Why didn't I find her?" He Sui looked at him with a cool voice. "She's been busy all morning." The implication is that you have no AC number. Mao Jie quickly shut up, and a few seconds later whispered: "I have never seen so many things with my brother." 。


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