Ten Deadly Sins (Prequel 1, 2, 3, 4)

On the top of the hill, pilgrims gathered in a Taoist temple, filled with smoke, and many people prayed for blessings and burned incense.

On the top of the hill, pilgrims gathered in a Taoist temple, filled with smoke, and many people prayed for blessings and burned incense. There is a temple fair at the foot of the mountain, which is very busy. Assistant Tang and the task force met a fortune-telling Taoist priest at the temple fair. The Taoist priest was more than fifty years old, with a beard, wearing a Taoist robe with a big front and big sleeves, sitting on the ground, with the Eight Diagrams of the Book of Changes in front of him, as well as oracle bones, copper coins, yarrow and other divination props. The Taoist priest did not wear shoes, claiming to travel barefoot all over the world, regardless of spring and autumn, making good connections and planting good causes. Bao Zhan has always respected people who become monks and practitioners. He reported the eight characters of his birthday and asked the Taoist priest to do divination. The Taoist priest closed his eyes intently. After a while, he said in great surprise, I live in this place. It's the first time I've seen such a terrible fortune. Bao Zhan said respectfully, Taoist, please give me some advice. The barefoot Taoist priest said that Bao Zhan had a rough childhood and had experienced disasters. Bao Zhan nodded yes. The Taoist priest then said something unfathomable: Don't look at the clouds. You can forget the sea. There is no way out in Jianghu. Search up and down. The title branch sees, the gentleman holds the knife, slaughters to the person sheep; Face the wall to hear, neighbors cry, the common people pity; In times of peace and chaos,Iron Nail Making Machine, the stars return to their positions. The sun, the moon, the stars, a well can be full, if I do not know, what is the use of life. The barefoot Taoist accurately figured out that the four members of the special task force were policemen, and they came to solve the case. However, there was little hope of solving the case,High Speed Nail Making Machine, unless a ghost knocked at the door in the middle of the night and a ghost in the daytime! These strange words let humphead wrasse feel very surprised, also reported the birthday eight characters, let the Taoist calculate her marriage. The Taoist priest said some words that were difficult to understand, such as Zhengguan, Pianguan, Xinbi Shoulder, Wuzhengyin, etc. The humphead wrasse was difficult to understand, and the Taoist priest wrote a word in the palm of the humphead wrasse. Su Mei a face of consternation, feel very incredible. When the Taoist priest writes, the sleeve of the Taoist robe covers the hand of the humphead wrasse, and no one knows what word he writes. On the way up the mountain, everyone was very curious. Bao Zhan asked Su Mei what the word was. Hualong also asked, is it your future husband's name? The answer of humphead wrasse is: those who write is the name of a person of you two people, nevertheless, I won't tell you. Arriving halfway up the mountain in the evening, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,wire nail making machine, we planned to rest at the forest police station for one night, and then go to the village where the boy in red and two drowning children died tomorrow to investigate. This police station is a checkpoint, with police on duty during the day and no one living at night. The main work is to check the passing vehicles, prohibit illegal logging, and patrol the mountains and forests at ordinary times to guard against fire accidents. Several tile-roofed houses are dilapidated, with weeds growing behind them and wormwood growing on the roof. The checkpoint looks spooky at night. In the middle of the night, there was a knock on the door, and the Taoist priest's words came true-a ghost knocked at the door in the middle of the night. Dragon-painting inspection found that there was not even a figure in front of and behind the house. However, all four members of the special task force and Assistant Tang clearly heard the sound of knocking at the door. Everyone felt that the knock on the door was very strange. When they looked up, a small handprint appeared on the door. It was cold and windy on the mountain, and the handprint looked terrible. The handprint is not a bloody handprint, like a watery little hand on the door, leaving some liquid on the door, emitting a bad smell. Bao Chop sniffed it closely, and he was familiar with the smell of the liquid-the smell of rotting corpses! The Special Task Force and Assistant Tang had such a horrible picture in their minds: A rotting corpse, staggering in front of the door, raised his hand with the liquid of the corpse and knocked on the door. Part II Chapter 43 Green Corpse Liquid Bao Zhan thought of a famous short story called Monkey's Paw, which was praised as the model of British surprise novels. The bizarre story is about an Indian monk who casts a spell on a monkey's paw, which can grant people three wishes, and then the dried monkey's paw falls into Mr. White's hands. Doubtful, Mr. White made his first wish for two hundred pounds. The next day, the wish came true. Mr. White's son was hanged by the working machine. The pension was exactly two hundred pounds. The second wish is the mother's crazy idea of missing her son, to wake up the dead who have been buried in the cemetery. That night, there was a knock on the door. In order to stop his wife's irrational behavior, White made a remedy at the moment of opening the door. He made a last wish to the monkey's paw: he hoped to send the dead who had climbed out of the grave back to the grave. Until the end of the story, it is not said that something terrible knocked on the door, but it is chilling, and the more imaginative people are, the more afraid they are. The task force took photos to collect evidence, and after daybreak, they found that the body fluid on the door was green. There is a small green handprint on the door. What knocked on the door? Obviously, a rotten corpse could not knock. The task force concluded that someone was playing tricks. It was not terrible for ghosts to scare people, but it was terrible for people to scare people. However, even if a person knocks on the door with a rotten hand, the time from hearing the knock to opening the door is very short, it is impossible for the dragon to see the person, and the speed of the person's departure is too fast, almost disappearing at the moment the door opens. What everyone heard was a knock on the door, but the handprint on the door was formed by knocking on the door. Bao Chop looked at the door, the knocker had fallen off, revealing a rusty nail, a small handprint just above the nail. Hualong said: "This is a child, a child's palm print.". Su Mei says: "Strange, no matter be to knock on the door or knock on the door, why to cannot find this hand?"? Assistant Tang said: It's a bit evil. The villagers in this place are a little superstitious. "Whether it's a person or a ghost, the motive for knocking on the door is probably to intimidate us," Bao said. "We will not be scared away," said Professor Liang. The handprint on the door came from the decomposed body of a child, which the task force judged to have been dead for about five days only from the body fluid. Lividity is a pattern on a corpse, in a variety of colors. The body of a hanged man is purple and black; the body of a frozen man is blood red. When forensic doctors examine corpses,Nail machine supplier, they often judge the location of death and parking of corpses according to lividity. Lividity is an early cadaver phenomenon that continues until the corpse decays. As postmortem changes develop, lividity gradually turns light green and green, blending with the color of the decayed corpse. 3shardware.com


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