The princess is seven years old.

"Yueyue, for the next three years, we'd better stay in this night house and not go out." He said gently, gathering the hair between

"Yueyue, for the next three years, we'd better stay in this night house and not go out." He said gently, gathering the hair between her ears. "After all, we have a special status, and there are many inconveniences in doing things." Su Yueyue flat mouth, some unwilling to hold one of his arms, "three years, we can not go out?" "Don't forget that we are protons. This is not traveling around the world." Xuanyuan Che took her to the side of the round table and sat down. "Even in this house, we have a lot of things to do. We can plant flowers, play chess and paint in our spare time. It's windy today, and we can fly paper kites." Su Yueyue closed her eyes and leaned on his shoulder tightly. She said helplessly, "That's it. If you were here alone, you would be more lonely. Fortunately, I am with you." Xuanyuan Che will also head close to her, two people extremely warm and comfortable scene, so that standing on one side of the green sleeves can not help but hang down their heads, eyes to other places. Between these two people, it seems that no one can get involved. Suddenly, he found a heavy sound of breathing on his side, and raised his eyes to the cold eyes of the night seeking Su. He lightly looked at the sweet couple in the room,turmeric extract powder, then turned away indifferently, and Greensleeves hurried to follow. What makes their relationship a little weird? He stopped and did not turn around, but asked coldly. Specific subordinates are not clear, just vaguely seem to hear the word brother and sister, perhaps we can think so, this Su Yueyue and Xuanyuan Che two people, perhaps half-brother and half-sister,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, two people are now distressed about this matter. Greensleeves look a tight, will still inadvertently heard the scene said out. A look of surprise appeared on Ye Xunsu's face. Eyes in the light, from time to time change the mood. Brother and sister? Hearing her call Xuanyuan Che brother Che that day, he thought it was just an intimate name. But I never thought that there was such a secret hidden in it. It seems that even God is really helping his side. It seems that this pure and flawless Miss Su needs me to enlighten her well. It's not a good thing to always pester her brother like this. Ye Xunsu was in a good mood, and the pace at his feet seemed to be much lighter. A war ended when the prince was able to recover from his injuries. Three prince there, certainly will not give up, he has been to the position of the prince ready to move, openly and secretly, all wish the prince can immediately fall. It's a pity that he can't figure out the prince's mind. If the three princes don't get rid of it, the position of the prince will be unstable one day. Greensleeves, don't you like Xuanyuan Che very much? If you like it, you should fight for it and get what you want at all costs. If you live in this world, you will not live in vain. The voice of the night searching for Sue floated into her ears at the corner. It seems that the young master is really happy, because he is happy to hear the news. However, she heard more than this, tannic acid astringent ,ghana seed extract, she also heard, that is only perhaps, these two people have such hope, because there are still many unsolved doubts. Do not say all these, because afraid to attack the young master's faith. Even if she knew that as long as the young master took a fancy to something, he would try to get it at any cost. But this time the woman he faced was different from the past. Jewelry, silver, gorgeous clothes, power, these, Su Yueyue is not lacking, and the young master's opponent Xuanyuan Che is the best, with no loss of the young master's handsome appearance, and noble atmosphere, which also makes it more difficult for the young master to win. She is in the heart, very eager to see, night search Su can completely possess Su Yueyue, break the idea of Xuanyuan Che, so that she may have a glimmer of hope. I do not know if the young master himself found that he looked at Su Yueyue's eyes, has become more and more serious. It was something she had never seen before. I want to regret chess. Su Yueyue did not know how many times to beep a small mouth discontented voice, Xuanyuan Che face of helplessness, but also let her quickly pick up their own white son on another position. Have you thought about it this time? It's my turn. Xuanyuan Che pinched the long sleeve of his right hand with his left hand and got ready. Wait a minute, I'll think about it again. Su Yueyue grabbed his palm and smiled sweetly. She grabbed the white one again, which she had put in several places, and held it in her hand. Night search Su did not know when to appear quietly, he quietly pressed down Su Yueyue's little hand, as if she had put it in the first place. If you put it here, isn't it obvious that I'm going to lose? Su Yueyue white he one eye, do not understand she and Xuanyuan Che are having a good time, why does this person suddenly come out? "In fact, no matter where you put it, this move has become a dead chess, and you are bound to lose. Why do you still waste your energy struggling?" Ye Xunsu's words reveal the situation above the chess game. Perhaps this is the reason why the bystander is clear and the player is confused. Su Yueyue blinked her big eyes and inadvertently swept her sleeves. The chessboard was immediately mixed with black and white. "In this way, it's not a dead end. It's a mess." Xuanyuan Che spoils a smile, the sky is hanging like a hook of the moon. And his smile was softer and warmer than the moon, which made her blush a little. Although she had always known that Xuanyuan Che was handsome and exquisite, the occasional sudden display of amorous feelings still made her heart beat faster. After this feeling of shyness has passed, there is a touch of sadness. Holding his hand every night, I can fall asleep, and when I wake up, I find myself lying alone on the couch, which is always sad. Such a day must be very difficult for him. When will brother Nan's letter come? The waiting time, the day is very long. She just wants to be able to quickly return to the past days, she and Xuanyuan Che, can restore the relationship of the past, and not like now,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, can only look at each other, each put away the hurt and pain in their hearts, showing a forced smile that does not want to let each other worry.


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