Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

Zhao Xuelan then asked, "This classmate, do you know why Liu beat the teacher?" She did not believe in her heart that

Zhao Xuelan then asked, "This classmate, do you know why Liu beat the teacher?" She did not believe in her heart that Tianyu would do the act of beating the teacher. That male classmate thinks today is really good luck, unexpectedly so many beauties come to ask oneself, busy say: "This classmate, you can ask right person, I stand next to that call Liu Tianyu, do you know?"? This guy is also this year's science champion, ah, I deviate from the topic, the situation is like this, "the male classmate carefully told the girls about the situation at that time.". Now everyone understands that Tianyu must be very angry in this case, and this big mouth must be pulled down. Peggy, who was also very poor, said, "How can this teacher say that?"? It's so wrong that there is no teacher's appearance. The male classmate nodded his head and said, "Yes, I guess he can't get along in this university any more. His reputation is already bad. If he teaches the first grade students, maybe everyone will go on strike. I think this guy is going to leave soon." Now that the girls have solved their doubts, they thanked the male classmate. That male classmate is in this day, all the day expression is excited, others asks him,metal cosmetic tubes, he also does not say. "What shall we do now?" Said Hu Yanyan. You Ruo said: "Let's go to find the person in charge of accommodation allocation. He must be impressed by such a thing. Tianyu must be the girl carrying the luggage. I don't know his character. We can go and ask him." Shuyi joked at this time: "You know my Tianyu so well. Are you also tempted? You are a little girl." Shuyi and You Ruo are also used to making trouble. Of course, if you catch up, to hit this talkative girl. Five girls came to the registration point of the accommodation, the teacher certainly remembered Tianyu, checked and said; "Liu Xiaoye lives in Building 34 408." If they thanked the teacher, they went to Liu Xiaoye's dormitory. On the way, Youruo said with a smile, "This guy is always warm-hearted to girls,cosmetic tube, but I can't imagine that he has such an impulsive side. Alas, it's a pity that we didn't see it." Shuyi, who is also the most lively girl, answered, "Tianyu's heart is very soft. If he sees a beggar, if he is a little older, he will give change." Zhao Xuelan also felt very proud in her heart, and Tianyu didn't think of it. A big mouth of their own pumping down, even to win the appreciation of the beauty. Soon, five girls walked to 34 buildings, many people came in and out from upstairs, but Youruo absolutely attracted these girls, the difference is too big, not the same level. Tianyu was sitting on Liu Xiaoye's bed with a smile, talking nonsense and eating the local specialties that the girl gave him. At this time, he heard his familiar crisp voice outside the door: "Is this Liu Xiaoye's dormitory?" Liu Xiaoye answered, aluminium laminated tube ,pump tube, "Yes, I've come to open the door." Tianyu knew it was Ouyang Youruo as soon as he heard the voice. He thought, "Youruo is here, and Peggy must be around. It seems that it's not easy at night." I don't know what makes Tianyu feel uneasy. Liu Xiaoye opened the door. She saw five beautiful girls, none of whom she knew. She stammered, "I, I don't know you." You Ruo they also carefully observed Liu Xiaoye, see her face black, body thin, only a pair of eyes or delicate, thought: "Tianyu is really see but just shot, also do not want to please this girl." They know in their hearts, now can let Tianyu see, it must be like their own level, Tianyu will be tempted. You Ruo smiled and said, "We are friends of Liu Tianyu. I haven't seen him for a long time, so I came to see him." Hearing this, Liu Xiaoye said, "He is here, he is here. Come in quickly." The five girls went in. When the other girls in the dormitory saw the five of them, they were shocked and stopped talking, thinking, "It's such a girl who can match him!" 。 You Ruo looked at Tianyu with a half-smile. Tianyu stood up with a smile and said, "Well, everyone, I'm leaving, too. I'm very happy to know you. I'll often come to the door in the future!"! You're not gonna kick me out. "Then the girl who asked Tianyu if she had a girlfriend dared to stand up and asked," Liu, which one of these is your girlfriend? " She thought to herself, "If one of them is his girlfriend, then I don't have to think about it, but depending on the situation, one of them is his. Why are they all so good-looking?" Tianyu heard that the girl was really bold, but she always answered: "I'm sorry, it's all right, I'm still very attractive." Then she said to the surprised Liu Xiaoye: "Later, I'll get in touch with you. I'm leaving." Liu Xiaoye nodded. Tianyu went out, and of course Paige went out with them. Walking outside, Youruo stepped forward and pinched Tianyu's soft flesh. He said ferociously, "You guy, who is your girlfriend? And you haven't called for so long. Do you know how worried we are?" Now only Ouyang Youruo dared to pinch Tianyu like this. Tianyu said with a smiling face: "Aunt, you let me go. There are so many people here. It's not good." Peggy also came up at this time and said: "Youruo, let Tianyu go first. We'll try him when we go home." Youruo nodded. Of course, Shuyi Laner covered their mouths and smiled. Shuyi was very happy to see Tianyu. Two months of hidden bitterness also ran away all of a sudden, jumped up, said; "Let me hug you for a while." Tianyu looked at the crazy Shuyi and said, "You girl, you are not afraid of shyness in school now." Shuyi pointed to several couples beside her and said, "They are walking like this,plastic packing tube, too. I don't care. I don't care." The other girls all smiled. Now they finally saw the bad guy. It was really strange that they saw Tianyu with the resentment of the past. I forgot all about it at once. Zhao Xuelan hasn't spoken to Tianyu yet, but Tianyu has greeted her with her eyes. Even if she only made eye contact, Laner's face turned red at that time. Zhao Xuelan found that Tianyu's attraction to herself is getting stronger and stronger. It seems that Tianyu's skill has greatly improved in the past two months.


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