The Benefits of Mentoring

"My son, if you will receive my words, and treasure my commandments within you, make your ear attentive to wisdom, incline your heart to understanding... "

The book of Proverbs is a collection of recorded sayings that include useful life lessons. The context was originally a royal court setting. Using stories and dicta, Solomon taught his students while they were seated side by side on marble benches or walked through the verdant courtyards. The whole purpose was to impart to the upcoming future leaders the knowledge of the current leadership.

Sometimes, this mentoring took place at home as a father gently imparted knowledge to his sons.


Business success advocates are aware of the advantages of mentorship. In training sessions, internships, and conferences, managers and senior officers impart their business knowledge to the trainees they are responsible for. The strategies utilized to develop new hires in the corporate world

The majority of today's top athletes have personal mentors. The best athletes in any sport will all have a personal coach or mentor to help them improve their golf swing, tennis serve, or football catching. Many people seek out mentors to help them develop their mental fortitude and confidence in addition to their physical skills.

Mentoring in spiritual or practical areas of smart living is much less widespread. This is regrettable. Certainly more than any other area of life, men and women need mentors in their spiritual lives.

Solomon received a magnificent gift from God—wisdom that was unmatched by anybody who had ever lived or would ever live—and he used it properly by passing it on to others. We have the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon because he loved to impart wisdom.

Despite his failings, Solomon persisted in speaking up in support of what he believed to be true. Solomon failed a lot, I assure you. Like every male also.

People frequently believe that because they have failed in life, they are not qualified to share their knowledge with others. A man may believe he could never instruct another man on how to have a successful marriage after reflecting on his life and considering his divorce.

The fact is that these men have every motivation to divulge their knowledge!

Each of us has failed. And occasionally, the very things we understand best are the ones at which we have failed the most.

I once filed for bankruptcy. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever gone through. Going bankrupt and being as destitute as an old clay pot was distressing for a guy who prided himself on paying off every bill he ever owed early and working incredibly hard all the time (even when everyone else was playing).

But now I am aware of how it feels. I realize that making judgments without conducting thorough research is a surefire recipe for disaster. I can see how an arrogant sense of pride may drive an otherwise intelligent man to commit some insane idiotic acts. And I am also aware that sometimes, no matter how hard a man tries, he just cannot change things because there are some situations for which there are no solutions.

I am aware of these problems because I made enough careless errors to entirely destroy everything I had spent two decades working for.

But I do now.

And I can communicate wisely with a man who is in financial trouble when I meet him. Experience-based wisdom rather than abstract, religious discourse. I have access to that man's soul.

Recently, I urged one of my younger friends to sell an absolutely pointless item he had bought. He and I were at odds. He advised me to keep it because it makes logic.

I knew he had to sell that thing since I'd been in his position before. I repeatedly informed him that I was sure of it. He eventually gave in and sold it.

A few months later, he found himself in a situation when he needed extra cash, and he was so happy that he had sold the useless and pricey item.

I have had the immense joy of seeing him follow my counsel and avoid the trouble that I had already experienced—even though I would never tell him that!

Not only are students greatly benefited by mentoring, but mentors also gain a quite different set of advantages. It is quite gratifying.

One approach for older or more seasoned males to guide younger, less seasoned guys in the correct direction is through mentoring. How fortunate were those Solomon advised as a result of what he did? He was aware of the advantages of mentorship.

Finding a mentor is one of the best things you can do if you're young, in my opinion. Locate one! Continue till you succeed. Make sure you have the correct admiration for this person. Make sure he is honest, has lived fully, and truly believes in God.

If you are an older man or woman who has lived long enough to have experienced the highs and lows of life, who has encountered many obstacles along the way but has managed to navigate them, who has made some wrong turns but has persevered through the difficulties of returning to the right path, and who has maintained the Bible as their source of wisdom throughout it all,

For both the recipient and the mentor, mentoring has many advantages and is one of life's greatest blessings.

RS Kniep is a firm believer in the ability of wisdom to change people's lives for the better. He holds that the source of all true wisdom, in all of its manifestations, is God, as revealed in His written Word, the Holy Bible.

perpetual learning, For almost 25 years, RS Kniep has studied both the Bible and other viewpoints. His writings are mostly based on the books of Job, Ecclesiastes, Psalms, and Proverbs.

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