How To Successfully Hire A Remote Developer Team in 2022

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You may have heard about the remote work model for some time now, and more so for the past several months. So, what is all the buzz about? To put it simply, the COVID-19 situation forced companies across the board to experiment with remote work to stay in profit or even to keep their business afloat in some cases.

To give you an idea of how many firms hire remote developers and how widespread remote work is, a PwC survey found that 71% of their respondents were currently working remotely, 64% were effective at it, and 52% of senior executives considered remote work a success for their business.

If you are interested, the below details should convince you further regarding remote hiring.


Some Basic Facts about Remote Hiring

Who is a Remote Employee?

A remote employee is an individual employed by a remote hiring agency with duties the same as those of a regular in-office employee. The only significant difference is that remote employees are physically located somewhere else. They have the same duties as regular workers, and you can expect the same efficiency and responsibility from them.


Who is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is an autonomously employed person who provides various services, often working on multiple projects for several clients simultaneously.


Why hire freelancers?

Several of the benefits of freelance staffing are exaggerated by its proponents. Lower prices, specialized skills, and flexibility are common themes. Most hiring managers are swayed by the cost element, as there appears to be a significant difference between what freelancers may ask for and what a remote hiring agency typically charges. However, all of these factors must be seriously evaluated because your software development process is at risk.


Why is it Better to Hire Remote Developers Instead of Freelancers?

You should be aware that there is a significant difference between a freelancer and a dedicated remote developer. You may face potential risks by utilizing a freelance developer for your project. The possible problems include an unclear and lengthy selection process; if you have visited freelance sites like Fiverr, you would know how difficult it is to find a suitable freelancer. In addition, freelancers may engage multiple clients concurrently, resulting in less focus and poor results.

You may also have heard that freelancers are harder to control and prefer to work on their terms at their own pace. You may have to deal with questionable work, a lack of involvement and dedication to the project, language or cultural differences, missed deadlines, and security risks. It's improbable that a freelancer will want to stay with you for very long, so be prepared to begin the search again.


Why Should You Engage Remote Developers via a Remote Hiring Agency?

You will be happy to know that the supposedly more excellent remote developer hiring cost is counterbalanced quite nicely by the perks given below:

Sustainable partnership

The dedicated remote recruiting methodology ensures that each remote developer is fully engaged. Remote staff regards the client as if they were their employer, hence focusing on specific work only.


Data integrity and safety

Another headache you can avoid is the security of project information, development code, and even the physical safety of the remote employee. The remote hiring agency manages all these processes. They have stringent access control systems and would gladly share details with you.


Flexibility in hiring

Utilizing a remote hiring agency makes it easy to increase or decrease the number of your remote developers per project requirements. With only short notice, you may avail of just one developer or an entire specialist team.


Cost efficiency

A significant benefit of remote hiring is cost efficiency. If you look at the example of a small hiring firm like Aspired, the cost of a remote developer can be as low as $3,000 per month. Compare this to the average cost of an in-house developer, and you would be looking at saving around 50% of salary costs.


No HR irritants

The small recruiting firm manages all human resource activities, such as payroll and other paperwork, but you retain complete control over whom you hire.


Process of selection

Firms that hire remote developers are typically quite strict about the hard skills required for the job and whether a developer can effectively connect and cooperate with others in a remote team. As a result, the screening process is usually far more rigorous.


Talent range at your fingertips

You can easily enhance the talent pool size available when you hire remote developers to build a remote team option. Since you can search for people from anywhere in the world, you have a better chance of attracting the brightest minds.


Now go ahead and Hire Remote Developers.

It is high time that you benefitted from the remote hiring paradigm. By choosing a reliable hiring agency partner like Aspired, you will effectively ensure your success with the remote developer hiring process. The specialist project managers at the agency can assist you in quickly organizing a well-equipped team of remote developers, making your development project efficient and cost-effective. Ready, set, hire!

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