Most Popular Wedding Invitation Favor Boxes

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Wedding favor boxes are among the most popular wedding favor ideas that create a beautiful presentation in a wedding party. They are easy and often inexpensive, which make them a favorite choice by many couples. Favor boxes come in a wide variety, from classic square boxes to elaborated trinket boxes that are often in different cute shapes. Whatever the theme you have for your wedding, you can surely find the best favor boxes to complement the style of your big day.


Classic Favor Boxes


The simple, yet classic look of these boxes have made them a favorite by many couples. They make a great choice for more formal weddings or for weddings that have a classy theme. Classic square favor boxes are also very easy decorate. If you are on a tight budget, you can save a sum on these versatile boxes, as you can buy them in a very cheap price and have them further embellished with your own creativity and style. You can find classic square mini boxes at local craft stores or you can them bulk from an online store.


White and ivory are two of the most popular colors used for classic Wedding Invitation Favor Boxes, but if you are looking for some other options, you can virtually find any color that will complement you wedding color scheme. There are so many collections that offer cute boxes in translucent, pastel, bright, deep, gold, silver colors.


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