The glory of Germany

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Seeing his prime minister leaving, many guests also hurriedly got up to leave, not because of the bad taste of the food, but because they stayed here for such a long time, it was a bit depressing. Only fifteen minutes later, there was no one in the lively banquet hall. But originally said that good should appear Na Ersha also disappeared the trace, makes Ji Ming to stand in the hall in a daze looks a little bored. But now it seems that he can not go away, no way, Ji Ming had to go back to the garden again. Looking up at the sky, Ji Ming suddenly found that the sky is much better now than just now, at least now there are no thick clouds. And there are more or less stars shining on it. Damn it! I don't know what I want to do. Ji Ming was burning with anger at the thought of this. Since inexplicably came to this damn world, Ji Ming found that although he had the intention to change the world, but still can not escape history. For example, I really want that moustache to die early,radio shuttle racking, but the funny thing is that God has arranged for me to protect that guy. What's more, he wanted to join the army, but he chose the enemy of the army, the Waffen-SS, which was simply inexplicable. Just when Ji Ming is cranky, suddenly that young lieutenant came to his front again: "Security chief your Excellency!"! Our general wants to see you! The lieutenant respectfully made a gesture of invitation. All right Ji Ming didn't think much about it,heavy duty warehouse rack, after all, he had only said half of what he had just said to the other side, and now he really had nothing to do, so he nodded, then followed the lieutenant through a somewhat lifeless corridor, then through a long corridor, and finally into another house. Your Excellency, Director, please! The lieutenant pointed to a thick gray wooden door and walked away with an expressionless face. Ji Ming looked at the thick door and shrugged his shoulders helplessly, so he knocked gently on the wooden door. Come in! The door is unlocked! Hammerstein's voice came from behind the wooden door. So he adjusted his clothes and slowly pushed the door and entered. The space behind the door is not as big as Ji Ming imagined. According to the standard of Ji Ming's assessment, warehouse rack manufacturer ,long span shelving, the area of this room is only about ten square meters at most. Except for a large round table in the middle, the rest of the space was surrounded by huge bookcases. There was no window in the whole room, but the light from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling was very strong, and there was a large fireplace against the wall on the left. Ji Ming did not feel cold and dark. Hammerstein had been sitting at the opposite table for a long time. There was a box of cigarettes and a crystal ashtray beside him. He looked up at Ji Ming, who was standing opposite him, and then pointed to the chair near Ji Ming with an expressionless face and said slowly, "Mr. Director, please sit down first!" "All right!" Ji Ming nodded and slowly sat down on the chair. Do you know why I invited you here? Hammerstein asked slowly. His face was still expressionless, but his face was more gloomy. I do not know Ji Ming shook his head slowly and answered calmly, "To tell you the truth, not only that!" He was in the middle of his sentence when he suddenly stood up. Then he pulled out a cigarette from the cigarette case placed in front of Hammerstein, lit it, tied it, and then went on to reply: "I wonder why the General asked me to be such a little chief of security.". You know, all the people you've invited here today are nobles, and it seems that my status is not even up to the edge of nobility. Here Ji Ming slowly puffed out the smoke in his mouth. How interesting Hammerstein smiled. Then he looked at Ji Ming meaningfully and said slowly. I heard that you made the greatest contribution to Hitler's coming to power this time. I don't think I'm wrong, do I? As he spoke, he took out a pistol. Then he put the pistol heavily on the table and stared at Ji Ming. Really? Now draw your gun? Ji Ming was obviously surprised and a little unprepared. Now he really can't judge what the other side means. But it is certain that the other side will not shoot immediately. After all, he was no longer a grasshopper who could be killed at will, so Ji Ming smiled and said, "Our leader came to power not because of the information I provided, but because of the government at that time.". I think if Mr. Schleicher hadn't made that foolish move, our leader would still be on strike with the workers and talking about his founding program to the proletariat. "Humph!" Hammerstein snorted heavily and said, "Hitler was just lucky!"! Now, there are only two more Nazis in his cabinet, and the army is not in his hands. What kind of climate can he become? Ji Ming listened to the other side's words and shook his head slightly. Then he answered slowly: "If the leader is so good, he is not a leader!" "Oh?" Hammerstein gave Ji Ming a strange look and then asked, "Do you know what the other side is doing?"? What does Hitler want? "This!" Ji Ming spread out his hands and shook his head. "I don't know!" "You're lying!" Hammerstein raised his gun to Ji Ming's head and said loudly, "What can Hitler do to hide from you, his chief of intelligence and bodyguard?"? Come on, is Hitler trying to get at our officer corps? Ji Ming shook his head innocently and answered slowly, "Because I am just an intelligence collector. To put it bluntly, I am just a pair of eyes and ears.". I don't get to decide. Besides, now that my power has been dispersed by others,Drive in racking system, how can I know what the leader wants to do? "You!" Hammerstein was a little angry with Ji Ming's attitude, and his horrible face became more ferocious. Suddenly he picked up the pistol and put it on his opponent's forehead. Hum! Do you think I really dare not kill you? I'm telling you, Schleicher is my friend! Now you know why I killed you! Then he put a little effort on his hand.


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