Hempcrete Blocks

Hempcrete blocks are light in weight and laid over a thin bed lime mortar. This makes them easy and quick to set.

Hempcrete Blocks

A non-structural block composed of hemp brick and Lime Hempcrete blocks can be mostly used for external wall insulation for timber frame structures. They can be utilized as a part of any kind of timber frame, where they serve as insulation as well as the backer for plaster internally, as well as the backer for rendering externally.

They are particularly helpful when exposed feature timber frames like oak or glu-lam when they wrap frames in tea-cosy insulation. The frame and the blocks are not in contact. Instead, the blocks are held up to 25mm from the frame using wall ties made of stainless steel. the whole frame is exposed internally. No cutting of the blocks is required making it easy to build.

Hempcrete blocks are light in weight and laid over a thin bed lime mortar. This makes them easy and quick to set.

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External walls

New homes built

Insulating old buildings

Hempcrete floors

Internal walls

External or internal wall insulation


Energy efficiency with low embodied

100% natural and healthy materials

Quick and easy to lay

Three in three: insulation, backing for renders , and backing for plasters

Hempcrete is a mix consisting of hemp hurds (shives) and lime(possibly comprising naturally occurring hydraulic lime sand, or the pozzolans) utilized as a building material to construct and insulation(The cell structure of hemp traps a significant amount of air, which creates the insulation). Hempcrete's density is about 15% of concrete and it is carbon-negative that demonstrates the numerous advantages it has over traditional construction materials.

Hempcrete is full of benefits for construction, including durability, fire resistance and a large power efficiency, and non-toxic, and a natural resistance to insects, mold and fire. The versatility hempcrete offers in the building process ranging from flooring installation for roofs to wall constructions , is that is gaining ground in both developed and emerging nations.

For a long time, hempcrete was a neglected and under-utilized resource. The growing need for this type of innovative material is now acknowledged by the world. So perhaps it's time for Hempcrete to get the respect it deserves and make sure it makes a permanent mark on the history of mankind.

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How can I tell the difference in BOHECO's hempcrete and Insulime Hempcrete?

Hempcrete can be described as a general name that describes the mix that is composed of both hemp and binder. It is usually cement or lime, but it could include any of the the two to create the hemp binder. For clarity, it is often the case that hempcrete is known in the form of Lime Hemp Composite (LHC).

The problem with generic formulas is the variance of the final mixture. The issue that could arise is the lack of quality control for the mix, resulting in the building material not being able to perform as efficiently as you would expect. Hempcrete BOHECO can provide expertise on the spot to ensure consistency and quality, but can't guarantee the formula's performance.

Hempcrete BOHECO's HempPCRETE is a precisely controlled blend of hemp hurd as well as a specially-formulated the lime-based Binder (Batichanvre) to make an unbeatable construction material. INSULIME binder was studied extensively, tested and successfully used in projects that have achieved outstanding results. This is the reason Hempcrete has been actively pushing its INSULCORE binder. It has scientifically-proven technical proof to support that "Deemed To Satisfy" provision of the Building Code.

In what contexts can it be used?

Hempcrete is a special formulation for the walls, floors, and roofs. It is typically used to provide insulation in the frame of the structure. With the use of INSULIME on the walls, roof, and floors, you create an envelope (monolithic homogeneous envelope) made of high-performance material that shields the interior structure from changes in humidity and temperature.

Why should you build using Hempcrete BOHECO's Insulime?

Hempcrete is an eco-friendly insulation material that not only protects your home from temperature fluctuations but also from humidity variations. It is an "breathable" building material therefore it is able to interact with living space to create an environment that is comfortable and healthy with a high quality indoor air. Hempcrete is resistant to fire and pest-resistant, as well as mold resistant, and does not have the same high chemical content of other building materials that are resistant and it does not contain volatile organic substances.

Hempcrete is a great option to save money in the long run (excellent thermo-chemical properties) as well as provide a safe house for your members of the family ("breathable") while capturing carbon dioxide from the air (lifetime effectiveness). It's healthy for you as well as the environment.

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