Toronto Caribana

A well known Toronto party ritual is and always will be Barcode Saturdays! The #1 Celebrity party is now located inside of the luxurious NEST Toronto.

Toronto's Caribbean-themed festival has grown exponentially since its first edition in 1967. It's currently the largest cultural festival in North America and has grown from a three-day celebration into an absorbing three weeks of partying as it plagues the city with its infectious good vibes.  


Every year, including at the Caribana 2022, millions of tourists pour into the city to enjoy long weekends and experience everything the Caribana festival offers. The distinct thing about the Caribana carnival is that it attracts a diverse range of people from all walks of life, from families in North America, singles who are looking to join the Caribbean fervor to renowned personalities who indulge in celebrity-themed parties across nightclubs like Barcode Saturdays.  


Where to Enjoy the Best Caribana 2022 Party?

Look no further than Barcode Saturdays if you're looking for a themed party that hosts celebrities and clubbing enthusiasts during the Caribana carnival.  


Barcode Saturdays is a premium nightclub in Toronto that fed the frenzy to craze Caribana party lovers with premium drinks, cocktails, and live Hip-Hop beats. Our Caribana parties are full of grooves and moves, with the Caribana crazy crowd growing even wilder after chartbusters that DJs and artists dropped.  


At Barcode Saturdays, we love hosting the Caribana carnival in full glory. We're the staple fixture for Caribana-crazy clubbers who like a blast of Hip Hop, Trap, RB, Top 40, Latin Reggae hits, and our premium collection of champagnes and cocktails. Feeding the festive frenzy, we celebrate the spirit of North America's oldest cultural festival with a surfeit of awesome nightlife events.


Join us next year for a Caribana party at an even grander scale, with more Soca and Steelpan beats in the streets that one simply cannot miss.  


Sign in on the guestlist or book a VIP booth service at Barcode Saturdays and join the most epic Caribana party in town.

Barcode Saturdays

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