6 Signs it’s Time to Redesign Your Website

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As a small business, you probably realized the importance of influencing an audience through your website, but did you consider using your website design Wellington as another powerful tool in obtaining new customers? The Internet is one of the most significant routes by which entrepreneurs can begin producing income online. So if you are choosing to remain offline and not use your computer or smartphone to generate income, then that’s precisely what you’re essentially doing – staying closed off from this great opportunity for entrepreneurship. And we don’t want that for you. So how do you know if it’s time for a website redesign for your business? In this post, I will cover 10 signs your website is in desperate need of a redesign or rebuild.

You Aren’t Getting Any Leads From Your Website.

Lets’ face it, the world has changed a lot in the past few years. Internet users want something new and fresh, so if your website looks tired, out-of-date or just plain horrible, why wouldn’t they? It might be because many underlying issues aren’t being dealt with, which may be changing how people look at our businesses, products and services – mainly how we consume information.

It’s Not Mobile-Friendly

More and more users use their mobile devices rather than desktop computers, making mobile optimization even more critical. It’s predicted that by 2021 at least 50% of all website visits will be on a mobile device, so if your website isn’t optimized for a mobile device, you could be losing a lot of business to your competitors. Also, considering how much web traffic is from Google, this is one way to get your site de-indexed by the search engine – not a great user experience for possible customers and possibly losing out on lots of traffic at the same time!
You Have Good Traffic, But It’s Not Converting
Oh no! It looks like there’s a hole in your bucket. If you’re getting excellent website traffic but inquiries aren’t following, it could mean you have a conversion problem on your hands.
There could be many reasons for this-
  • The primary call to action is not clear
  • The website doesn’t have the proper information
  • There is too much information and no clear direction
  • You have not clearly and concisely shown your value
It’s Hard to Make Small Changes and Updates

If you don’t know how to log into your website’s admin and don’t have someone on your team who can help you, it’s likely time to think about updating your current site. Updating images and content are core functions that you 100% need to take care of when it comes to project management. Make sure you’re able to make any changes as necessary at the drop of a glance so that you always have the upper hand!

Your Design is Out of Date

You know your Ecommerce design website is getting older and doesn’t quite live up to current trends. It’s easy to stay with the old design you had 5 years ago because it worked for apparent reasons back then, but websites have moved on ALOT since then, and your site has become outdated. The most important thing to ask yourself here is, “what do my potential customers need if they want to be convinced enough to give me their money?”
How do you know if your web design Wellington is struggling?
  • large blocks of text
  • it’s not clear at a glance what you offer
  • it’s not clear what action you want people to take
  • there are broken elements on the page
  • there are no testimonials
Our web design services can get you sorted

You Are “Ostriching”

Many business owners have websites or social networking pages that don’t seem to work for their business; however, they avoid the issue or don’t know what to do about it and assume inaction is okay. These business owners know that something has to change, but the thought of doing anything about it makes them uncomfortable. However, these owners are missing how ignoring the problem is costing them more than just a presence online. 
So there you have it – 6 signs it’s time to redesign your website. 

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